Time To Update Your Christian Theology
Before It’s Too Late!!!

The world needs information about a more believable, true original creator GOD.  Most Christians cannot explain how to get from the original creator WORD to the final creator of the renewed universe (i.e., Resurrected-Jesus Christ).

Most Christian churches have come full circle … from praying to GOD for eternal life … to buying miracles by paying churches for prayers. Instead of selling the dream of eternal life … many of these prosperity preachers promote buying prosperity now by “sending money for miracles from GOD” to get what you want in this life.

That approach to happiness is failing miserably. Churches are dwindling at an alarming rate. Look at what is sweeping the largest churches in history … Get blessings and approval for your sinful life so that you can keep on doing it! 

It is time to update the theology of Jesus Christ … and explain His evolution … which is clearly presented in the Bible. However, commercial Christianity seems to still have Jesus Christ plastered on crosses all over the world … but He is long gone from there.

The problem is that most Christians do NOT understand Jesus Christ and do not know how to do their jobs (Mark 16:15) …  or they do NOT have the true gospel.  And, sadly, most Christians may be too complacent to care, because it’s too easy to follow the leader as lemmings.

Most Christians believe that the “Holy Trinity” is a triune god … presented as three persons in one god … or is comprised of three individuals of equal power and authority. Two-thirds of the world are too smart to fall for that anymore.

Have you been told by any clergy that you must accept the “Trinity Doctrine” on blind faith because it is a mystery that no one can explain … or else you might be expelled from the church?

If you are totally confused …  just realize that two-thirds of the world’s people are now non-Christian and they are loving it! No surprise … they loved it in Noah’s day; in Sodom’s and Gomorrah’s time; and are loving it in decadent America today!

People surely love it in America (i.e., the modern evil epitome of ancient Babylon … Revelation 18). America produces more pornography than all of the other nations of the world combined!

Whee! Sinking in sin with political and moral degradation! But … this eventually leads to annihilation in fire! That is why America is not specifically mentioned in prophecy (i.e., America is so evil it will be obliterated and cease to exist).

Obviously, people are going to believe whatever makes them feel comfortable and stokes their greed, gluttony, and gonads. But until all people start preaching the truth … the churches will not grow … but GOD will not send Jesus back anyway when HE gets fed up with it!

But now, everyone can discover exactly who GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are … and find out precisely what they do and how they work together. But most importantly … why they do it … and the way they do it!

Note: You can use Biblegateway to look up Bible verses in at least 232 online Bibles in 74 languages. You can also copy and paste this link:  https://www.biblegateway.com/ to your browser. (Plus, you can review their other benefits online as you do your Biblical research … and, I am not a money-making affiliate of BibleGateway.)

There are over 45 thousand commercial Christian denominations around the world with their singular, possessive ideology in which  most of them proclaims to have the one and only true gospel … and of course … they say everyone else is going to hell!  Sound familiar!

I have been there and done that.  During my life, I was baptized in three different churches while hoping to actually find out who really did have the one and only true gospel. (Sadly, none of them had the one and only true gospel … and they still don’t … and they rejected each other’s baptisms!)

There may be one church somewhere … but I have not found a single church anywhere in the world that accurately describes the Biblical Father, Son, and Holy Ghost … and what they actually do to promote the kingdom of GOD. Most people do not have a clue how the WORD of John 1:1 fits into all of this … but Books 1 & 2 below spell it out.

It did take me a few agonizing years … several college degrees … and the misery of discovering that almost all Christian churches are based on the same commercial-greed-money-gluttony-gonad control schemes.

BUT … I actually do know what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit really do now … and that they do not function as a triune god. That is the big, big mistake that all trinitarian churches make … and that is the biggest mistake that causes two-thirds of the world to remain anti-Christian.

In actuality, each one of the 45+ thousand Christian denominations have their own TITANIC luxury-liar liner… and every one of them is going to sink with great loss of souls. (If you do not know the story of the Titanic luxury liner … do a quick google search.)

I am a retired college professor (and theoretical theologian) … but I could not get away with publishing the books listed below until now … because of “academic prohibitions when I was working.”

But now … I am releasing all of them … and the Catholic Church could take over dominion of all churches worldwide if they jump on it first.

That’s OK with me … as long as churches stop the triune-God deceit that prevents people from knowing and accepting who GOD really is. NO King, Priest, Preacher, Pope, President, or Dictator can proclaim any sin to be acceptable by any loving decree … and the Resurrected-Glorified Jesus Christ cannot do it either.

People will believe when they discover who GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit actually are and what they do individually.

Otherwise, people will continue to reject the Bible as just one pile of lies after another (i.e., fuddy-duddy, fairy tales).

People can read the Bible now … and it does not take them long to find out the clergy’s blind-faith deceit.

But there is a way to reverse this nonsense without losing the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. And when people find out this truth … the churches can fill to over-flowing … because people can now understand who and what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit actually are.

All that churches have to do is change a few words in their creeds to set the record straight … and without losing the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit … and without losing any church authority to lead and guide their congregations.

By the way, I got tired of self-absorbed scientists (crowing about the speed of light) and wrote a book that shows there is something very real that can go faster than the speed of light … in fact … can go many times faster. It is also what causes all the background noises, various celestial frequencies, and dark matter around the universe. (See Book #11 below).

There is one thing that must be accomplished before GOD the Father will send Jesus Christ back to gather HIS elect (i.e., in the 1st and 2nd raptures [yes, there are two huge raptures before the end of time]).

Hint: NO … Sorry, but the answer is not by rebuilding a third temple. Nowhere in the Bible is an actual third Jewish temple mentioned (nor in the New Jerusalem … nor in the new heavens or new earth). However, many Jews still want a new temple built according to Ezekiel 40-46. But just remember, the Jews do not believe in Jesus Christ nor in New Testament Bible prophecy!

But make no mistake about it … construction of a third Jewish Temple would bring many problems … including more intense conflicts among Arabs, Jews, and Christians. This would eventually bring the final end to earth (i.e., in the Millennium) … but it is not what brings the resurrected WORD-Jesus Christ back.

Recently, two influential members of Israel’s 25th Knesset introduced a bill to outlaw teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in Israel. Violators would be subject to prison (Mathew 24:9). PM Netanyahu managed to halt further actions on the bill … but they will just wait until he is out of power to push it through.

Many people may be scared to death to finally understand who GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit actually are … because blind-faith insanity will become a thing of the past … and clergy will be able to build congregations much faster.

The whole purpose for this exposition is to open the gates of heaven and the doors of churches so that people can actually understand what they have been seeking for years (and without giving up their churches to do it).

Does this mean that anyone is going to hell or lose their salvation if they feel that they have had the wrong belief … or that they will have the wrong belief if they finally understand what the “Trinity Individuals” actually do?

I do not know the answer … but GOD is merciful … and HE wants every single soul HE can get through the gates of heaven.

If you have any doubts about your faith, please read this verse and understand it to the bottom of your soul:  Romans 14:22.

But one thing is absolutely clear … CHURCH GROWTH IS DEAD while teaching the old Triune God Trinity paradox … which was NOT invented by the Catholic Church.

The triune god model was patterned after the clever inventions of Nimrod’s wife (the legendary Semiramis and her son Tammuz) … from which many Egyptian gods also seem to arise. In modern times, the Roman Tertullian provided the pathway for the Catholic Church to push through the false triune-God, trinity concept … but Tertullian did not actually invent the idea.

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Book 1. God’s Truth About Blind Faith for Dizzy Dummies

  1. God’s Truth About Blind Faith for Dizzy Dummies      (eBook: $5.79):           https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVG53PFX

  2. God’s Truth About Blind Faith for Dizzy Dummies      (Print Book: $13.47):  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CVHGHT98

Book 2.  Three-Stage Evolution of Jesus Christ: Spirit Jesus – Man Jesus – Resurrected *

*In 1 John 5:7 ... the phrase "and these three are one"  was NOT in the original manuscripts ... 
this is why many have such great confusion because of this editorial (lie) insertion.
  1. Three-Stage Evolution of Jesus Christ: Spirit Jesus – Man Jesus – Resurrected  (eBook Edition)

    (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CDNG629L)   $7.99   (Best-buy … has active links)

  2. Three-Stage Evolution of Jesus Christ: Spirit Jesus – Man Jesus – Resurrected  (Print-Book Edition)
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Book 3. REAL End-Time Revelations (… For Two End-Times … and Two Big Raptures!!!):

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Book 4. Were 200,000 Children Also Born First In The Garden of Eden?

  1. Garden of Eden – Mystery Children of Day 7: The Foundations for Humanity … eBook Edition (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085LQY3JH)      $4.99
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Book 5. What The 144 Thousand Sealed Jewish Virgins Will Really Be Doing!

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Book 6. Did Judas Iscariot “Out-Sin” The Forgiving Power of GOD The Father?

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Book 7. Stillborn Babies Will Be In Heaven … And They Will Grow Up There!

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Book 8. Should You … or Should You NOT … Pray to Angels!

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Book 9. Who Really Has The Title of GOD … and Does It Matter?

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Book 10. How Do We Defend Ourselves From One Pandemic Disease After Another?

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Book 11. Something Faster Than The Speed of Light … Unlocks The Theory of Relativity … Without Violating Any Laws!

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OK … I did not spring a trick on you. I will give you the exact Bible verse that tells what prompts GOD the Father to send HIS son the resurrected, incarnate WORD-Jesus Christ back to the earth to gather HIS elect.

It is Matthew 24:14. Aha! But … what is the true gospel of the kingdom!

People have eyes and ears … but they can neither see nor hear the true gospel because of blind-faith.

The first two books above can greatly help to remove blind-faith so that people can understand GOD and HIS kingdom … then … Jesus can be released to return and gather the elect (pre-millennial and millennial … yes … in two different raptures!).