NOTICE 1: Non-Fiction Section (For Reality)

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This Website Presents Advanced Concepts That Deal With The Three Major Influences On People Worldwide:

Religion … Science … Medicine 


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Click On This word: ReligionTo Find Advances In Christian Theology

This new theological work goes far beyond bible studies, Sunday School lessons, pulpit preying, and the propaganda from over 40 thousand commercial-Christian denominations. However, this work embraces all of them … plus, does not seek to destroy a single one of them … and does not recruit for any denomination. Jesus Christ’s DNA is revealed from the Bible … and his divine nature is totally, finally understood … plus, many other favorite misunderstandings are explained (i.e., and one fact alone shows the Earth was NOT created in six literal days). You will not struggle with the Trinity Doctrine after this book explains it. [NOTE: Click here: For all new Seven Premier Books in the religious section.]


Click On This word: Science …  To Discover Something Faster Than Light Speed

A new book with information about something that can go faster than the speed of light … and it is responsible for the vitality and harmonics of the universe … but it can be deadly to space travelers who do not know how to avoid it. Sometimes … theories get in the way of advancements … especially in understanding how to make a unified theory about everything.


Click On This word: Medicine … To Learn How To Avoid ALL Pandemic Diseases

The vast information in this new book has been avoided by some in the medical industry for years because it helps healthy people stay well … and that is not good for most of the financially struggling hospitals and medical practices.  But now, a pandemically stricken world needs this information for individual survival … and the practical information in this new book is kindergarten-simple to understand and follow. Some people may even become angry at the reasons why this information has been hidden so long. The information for avoiding and preventing diseases like Covid-19 has been available for decades.



NOTICE 2: Science Fiction Section (For Fun)

The Author of all the books on this website is a retired college/university professor  (i.e., listed on the faculty of over 10 colleges and universities) with over 40 years teaching and practicing sciences, diagnostic medical education, and health-care management.

The author is no longer bound by any contracts. He is not subject to any shared authorship … and he is no longer under the long shadow of censorship.  The books on this website contain cutting-edge information … and will probably impact some part of everyone’s life.

The author has also written a 15-volume romantic science fiction series (with a shadow-writer for the romance) that takes the reader from one side of the universe to another. He released them so that the reader could  binge on the series without having to wait months for the next volume to come out.

All 15 novels are available in a three volume series containing 5 novels in each volume.

Take an in-depth look at this website for a listing of all 15 individual science-fiction novels in the series: https://www.royalspell-scifiseries.com/

For a listing of best purchase options for this series, take a look at this website: https://www.RoyalSpell-SciFiSeries.com for an extensive review of this series from Amazon.