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Your Purpose

Dear Christian,

Do you ask yourself: “Why am I here and what is my purpose?”

I know why you are here … on Earth … and I can prove it in this blog (which is longer than any tweet you may receive).

Whether you like it or not … you are here for a specific purpose … and all you can do is take advantage of it.

I already know that you do not have a clue! You can “Google” your head off … and chew up every page in the Bible … but no one will have a satisfactory answer for you.

I am a retired college professor and theologian.  I am not recruiting for any church … but I cannot stand by and watch this agony any longer … so, it’s time to wake everybody up to the truth,

Let’s start with one Bible verse that occurred long before the beginning.

See Titus 1:2. Read it and think about it. What does it mean?

Search out this link from Crossway Bibles … nice stuff … but you still will not discover why you are here!

We read stuff like that all the time … “yap-yap-yap” … no disrespect intended, but we are still lost in a strange dark forest!

Read Titus 1:2 again … and then ask these six typical journalist questions :Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

  1. Who was presiding at that meeting … and to whom?God the Father conducted the meeting for all His heavenly hosts.
  2. What was the purpose of this specific meeting?To re-establish His authority by promising the opportunity for eternal life to His future creations … the heavens, the Earth, and all its god-like inhabitants.
  3. When did this meeting take place?This meeting took place before the heavens and the earth were ever created … before any physical creations.
  4. Where did this meeting take place?This meeting took place in the spiritual dimension before the throne of God … which preceded creation of the physical heavens and earth.
  5. Why was this meeting being held?God the Father had to rebuild His kingdom and re-establish His power and authority … in the kingdom of heaven … after the astonishing fall and banishment of Lucifer.
  6. How was this meeting presented?By His word (i.e., verbal communication) … in person from His throne … to all the heavenly hosts.

OK, let’s talk about this.

Things were going along fine and dandy in the heavenly realm … until Lucifer decided that he wanted more than a “guard” job. His rebellion was put down and he got demoted.

Apparently, about one-third of heaven agreed with Lucifer … because they also got demoted right along with him.

Oops! Looks like God the Father needed to re-establish His power and authority … but … how could He do that and still seem fair?

But … since the fall of Lucifer … God The Father has had to test everyone to prove His fairness.

By looking backward, we can see that God:

  • Filled all the physical heavens and the earth with beauty;
  • Made living, self-replicating things to fill the earth;
  • Created self-reproducing humans in His image;
  • Made Eternal life possible for human beings (i.e., through Jesus).

Apparently, God the Father is a little touchy.

But, let’s stay on the same page. Humans cannot earn eternal life. God already gave Jesus Christ the authority to grant that gift if they make it to Jesus’ throne.

Seems that Father God does not want to be accused of favoritism by holding anyone’s hand.

In other words, people will have to exercise their free-will in order make obedient choices.

Here are a few critical examples:

  • God told Adam and Eve about the two Trees in the middle of the Garden … but they had no idea where the middle of the Garden was even located (I’ll prove it); *
  • Satan showed Eve exactly where the beautiful bad tree was … and she gobbled its fruit down with great gusto … but Satan made no mention of the good tree to her. **
  • With all the great powers awaiting Jesus Christ … He did not get a free pass as he hanged dying on the cross … when He cried out, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” ***

* Apparently, God did NOT tell Adam and Eve where the middle of the Garden was … or else … Adam and Eve were dumber than pet rocks (Genesis 3:22).

** Neither Adam nor Eve (nor anyone else) could ever demonstrate their obedience to GOD unless they understand the difference between good and evil (See Genesis 3:22 above).

*** People cannot imagine that GOD tested Jesus Christ … but He did. After the debacle with Lucifer, GOD could not afford to take a chance to lose His kingdom … so, Jesus Christ had to prove His obedience to GOD by obeying to the end. Which He did … when He bowed His head and voluntarily died in obedience to His Father GOD.

Okay.  So, why are you here … and what is your purpose?

Actually, there are three reasons:

  1. God the Father keeps His promise of Titus 1:2 through Jesus Christ … even though, when He made the promise of eternal life … He had not even created human beings yet!
  2. Your purpose is to introduce other human beings to the kingdom of God by helping to spread the word of God in some way (i.e., speaking, preaching, teaching, writing, witnessing, movies, etc.). *
  3. God sent Spirit-Jesus in John 3:16. Man-Jesus Christ sent you in Mark 16:15.

* What are you doing? This is your purpose!

To get started … let’s tackle the Trinity Doctrine … and get that straightened out.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with the trinity deity … the Three Trinity Titans … but there is plenty wrong with the doctrine that hides them.

The Trinity Doctrine smothers and hides the three Trinity Titans: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. People get so confused. They have no clue whether or not they are in the middle of the forest.

The Trinity Doctrine is like a heavy shroud (or mortcloth) draped over a coffin.

The Doctrine serves the needs of churches and clergy to keep congregations in a state of spiritual paralysis so they don’t cause problems by asking stupid questions about religion.

The end result is a lot of spiritually sick people who feel locked into a spiritual prison by the Trinity Doctrine.

Not everyone is troubled … but many are. Here is a partial list of potential problems …  associated with the Trinity Doctrine … that affect some people more than others. (Table 1):

 Table 1 (below):

The Trinity Doctrine quickly … The Trinity Doctrine quickly …
1.       abandons GOD! 52.  destroys revivals.
2.      abandons reality! 53.  devalues self.
3.      abandons reason. 54.  drives people away.
4.      arouses doubt! 55.  empties churches.
5.      asserts mind control! 56.  enhances despair!
6.      asserts tri-god delusion. 57.   enhances disbelief!
7.      becomes godless! 58.  ensures god delusion.
8.      becomes mentally flawed. 59.  hides motives.
9.      becomes powerless. 60.  instills shame.
10.   blinds weak minds! 61.   invents a god chimera.
11.    blurs reality. 62.  loses authority.
12.   boosts mental illness! 63.  loses credibility.
13.   breeds internal conflict! 64.  loses integrity.
14.   brings stomach ulcers. 65.  makes no sense.
15.   causes deep distress. 66.  makes people sick.
16.   causes faith problems. 67.  needs a paradox fix.
17.   causes guilt. 68.  needs a real god!
18.   causes loss of religion. 69.  needs a reality concept!
19.   causes member losses. 70.  needs conflict to exist.
20.  causes mental decline! 71.   needs gullible devotees.
21.   causes mental illness. 72.  needs identity proof!
22.  causes mental madness. 73.  needs one true god!
23.  causes rational conflict. 74.  needs one truth!
24.  causes religion revolt. 75.   needs people to believe it!
25.  causes remorse. 76.  needs to remove paradox.
26.  causes sacred doubts! 77.   obscures deities.
27.  clouds judgment. 78.  obscures thought.
28.  conceals agenda. 79.  offers a multi-god fantasy.
29.  conceals its identity. 80.  offers no proof of god.
30.  confuses god identity! 81.   produces self-doubt.
31.   confuses reason. 82.  promotes distrust.
32.  creates a god paradox. 83.  promotes false religion.
33.  creates church anarchy! 84.  promotes god distrust.
34.  creates false illusion. 85.  promotes mental chaos!
35.  creates multiple gods. 86.  promotes mental madness.
36.  damages church image. 87.  promotes mistrust.
37.  defies rapid logic. 88.  proves no god exists.
38.  defies truths. 89.  provides no guidance.
39.  defies wisdom of thought! 90.  reduces revival efforts.
40.  demands blind faith. 91.   removes insight.
41.   demands fast approval. 92.  removes self-worth.
42.  demands obedience. 93.  requires blind faith.
43.  demands pledge. 94.  requires obedience.
44.  demands total accord. 95.  reveals god problems.
45.  demotes persona. 96.  shows absurdity!
46.  demotes persons. 97.  shows godless chaos.
47.  denies logical analysis. 98.  shows no authority.
48.  denies self-worth. 99.  shows vague gods.
49.  destroys analysis. 100.  weakens self-worth.
50.  destroys belief. 101.   weakens wisdom.
51.   destroys god theology! 102.   wounds the spirit.

Some people are not troubled by the Trinity Doctrine at all. (See Romans 14:22.)

The point is … How can anyone worship or be obedient to a god they cannot even identify?

The solution is simple … but too many pastors who know better … may be afraid to speak out.

However, more than likely, many pastors will begin to see the truth NOT contained in the Trinity Doctrine.

The functions of the three Trinity Titans are really, really simple … and they are NOT under any authority written by man (i.e., Trinity Doctrine, which is not Biblically supported):

  • GOD the Father is the Creator of all things in both the spiritual and physical realms … and HE is an eternal spirit (John 4:24).
  • Jesus Christ  is the Executor (and redeemer). Spirit-Jesus was created (John 17:5 … begotten to become Man-Jesus Christ) by GOD the Father by commands given to the Holy Spirit. Man-Jesus Christ is NOT a spirit anymore. He is the eternal redeemer  and the second most powerful being in the universe (1 Corinthians 15:27). Plus, He is a creator for the new heavens and new earth.
  • Holy Spirit is also an eternal spirit, and He is the Facilitator in both the spiritual and physical realms … because He carries out the commands of both GOD the Father and Jesus Christ … and He is always on “top of everything” because He constantly searches the “deep things” of GOD (1 Corinthians 2:10).

To further understand why you are here … and what your purpose is … get the information at this link: Faith to Belief.

Stay Rapture-Ready,

RB Spell, DD

Trinity Turmoil

Dear Christian,

Get answers that people really want right now … especially how or why … from a non-denominational, retired professor and theologian:

  1. The Trinity Doctrine is confusing … can anyone really explain it? YES
  2. What is the truth about the Millennium? Is there really a second great rapture before the end of time? YES
  3. Did Adam and Eve have children before they were banished from the Garden of Eden? YES
  4. Will the 144 thousand sealed, Jewish virgins actually teach the gospel message during the Millennium? YES
  5. Did God forgive the traitor Judas Iscariot for betraying Jesus Christ? YES
  6. Will aborted babies … even one-second after conception … grow up in heaven? YES
  7. Should anyone ever pray to angels? NO
  8. Does it really matter who has the title of God? YES
  9. Is it possible to defend ourselves against pandemic diseases … even Covid? YES
  10. Is there anything that really can go faster than the speed of light? YES

Go to this link and get the answers:   Faith to Belief

Stay Rapture Ready,

Rev. RB Spell, DD