Academic Expert Email #1

Academic Expert,

You have been identified as an educator in religious topics. As a retired university professor … I prefer to send my email messages to those most likely to understand the depth of theology presented.

Some people may be offended by this information … and for that I apologize in advance. It has been seen that denominational Christians everywhere seem to irritate each other!

How would you feel about having the power of GOD … but not actually being GOD? Those who have that kind of power do not seem to be bothered by it at all.

For example, Jesus Christ has the power and authority of GOD, but is not actually GOD himself. This is explained by the Bible … and by Jesus himself. This is easily understood by reading 1 Corinthians 15:27-28.

Two-thirds of the world (i.e., those who flat-out reject Christianity) will be very curious to find out why Christians are so easily deceived by the blind-faith dictates of their church leaders.

Any attempts to explain or clarify the three Trinity Titans’ functions seem to cause widespread apoplexy among the clergy. Why? Because the Trinity Doctrine [a probable Semiramis derivative] seems designed for religious control … rather for worshipper’s understanding of GOD.

My messages will go to the pews later, but I feel it’s better to go from the top down rather than trying to percolate from the bottom up.

Anyone who learns enough basic Christian theology …. and can grasp the plain mutual exclusion in the statement below … should be able to process the simple depths of Christian theology:

Jesus said that no man comes to the Father, but by me [John 14:6] … but Jesus also said that no man comes to me, but by the Father [John 6:44].

Nevertheless,  the clear mutual exclusion is easily explained by understanding the separate, but distinct functions, of the three co-dependent Trinity Titans.

Specifically, I am concentrating on the theology of the largest religion in the world … which is Christianity with about two billion followers. However, its followers are widely divided since most of them cannot positively identify their own GOD … but the Bible absolutely explains who GOD is without any doubt!

I feel uniquely qualified to explore Christianity since I struggled to find GOD through baptisms in three different churches. Although I have the credentials to lead a church, I choose not to do so because it would limit my ability to satisfy Mark 16:15.

My background would most closely fit theoretical theology … but is infinitely closer to celestial reality than the derived trinity theology of a Semiramis-type control, composite tri-god-group.

Simply put, the Catholic Church inherited the trinity-god model … and the Egyptians loved that model too. Just look at the similarity between the Egyptian gods and Christian tri-god-mixture.

My logic is easy to follow since I back it all up with the Bible. It is amazing to me how Martin Luther (and other church theologians) missed so much of this stuff … but maybe it was because they did not have access to (or did not read or understand) all the scriptures.

Some of my logic will probably upset many in the clergy … just like my discovery of something that can go faster than the speed of light upsets many tenured scientists. To prove I did write that discovery, I will make it available for all those that decide to optin to my newsletters ( or blogs ).

There is something more powerful than the Trinity Doctrine … which will be revealed to those who choose to optin for more information. Plus, the true facts about the nature and function of the trinity will be completely explained.

Two thirds of the world absolutely reject Christianity … and most of it is because people in Christian churches are told that they must accept the Trinity Doctrine on Blind Faith … so that that they can understand the true nature of GOD! Huh? (i.e., actually, blind sheep are easier to control and fleece).

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Respectfully, with Romans 14:22,

Rev. R. B. Spell, DD

PS: Next … many followers are being deceived that Christ will return for a 1000-year millennial reign on Earth after the “Tribulation Rapture.” For your information: Jesus Christ will never reign over living humans again. His domain is made up of all resurrected righteous … granted to Him by GOD … and to whom Jesus granted eternal life.


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