Answers to Puzzling Christian Questions

Answers To Some Puzzling Christian Questions


Go through these first five questions and answers to see if you agree with the answers provided by this theoretical theologian.

Fully explained answers for all the puzzling questions on the list below (plus many more) … are presented in the new Christian theology book available below.

Expanded explanations and justifications can be found in the book below this list.

  1. Can genetically modified pre-humans receive a spirit? NO
  2. Can the Holy Spirit operate on His own authority? NO
  3. Did Creation really take more than 6 days? YES
  4. Did GOD appoint any joint-heirs with Jesus Christ? YES
  5. Did GOD ever test Jesus Christ? YES INDEED … HE certainly did!

Questions continued below will be answered in the book!

  1. What are the deadly flaws in the Trinity Doctrine ?
  2. What did Jesus Christ ask people to do before He returns?
  3. Did Jesus Christ exist before the Earth was created?
  4. Did Jesus Christ really inherit any human DNA?
  5. What is the exact source (or lineage) of Jesus’ DNA?
  6. Did Noah’s Ark have a rudder or a sail?
  7. Does GOD the Father have power higher than Jesus Christ?
  8. Does Jesus Christ grant acceptance to the unredeemed?
  9. Does Jesus Christ have equal power with GOD the Father?
  10. Does Jesus Christ have final authority to grant eternal life?
  11. Does Satan practice Hegelianism?
  12. Exactly how did Jesus Christ avoid inheriting original sin?
  13. Is it ever correct to pray to angels?
  14. Is the Trinity Doctrine the final authority on GOD’s identity?
  15. Is there a separation of powers within the Trinity?
  16. Was Jesus Christ given all power in heaven and earth?
  17. Who actually grants eternal life to the redeemed?
  18. Who passes the last judgment on the first Earth?
  19. Who revealed the book of Revelation to John the Elder?
  20. Will Jesus Christ rule on Earth during the Millennium?
  21. Who actually judges the “unredeemed?”
  22. Will the New Jerusalem ever touch down on first-Earth?
  23. Will there be more than one Big Rapture?
  24. When does the “final Rapture” occur?
  25. Is there a fatal flaw in the Trinity Doctrine?
  26. Could GOD save humanity without Jesus Christ?
  27. Can GOD save humanity without you?
  28. What does the Holy Spirit really do?


There are many more questions than these  … and many of them are in the book presented below.

Book title: ©2021  More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine  … Trinity Function by Rev. Randall Braxton Spell, DD

There are two versions of the Trinity Functions  book (eBook and Print Book) … but the author recommends the eBook version because it  contains many active links for the reader’s reference … and text to speech is enabled.

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