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America absolutely is in Bible Prophecy … but vanishes before end of time!

Sorry, Folks … but America is in Bible Prophecy in action. It commits every evil deed of mankind … and Revelation 18 describes it well … but America will be  annihilated.

Who is the “Great Whore” in Revelation that sits on many waters? Almost every writer that I have reviewed points to the Catholic Church as the “Great Whore” (Mystery Babylon).

Sorry, but that notion is greatly deceptive and self-serving for some of the greediest, controlling  humans on the planet … promoting their own brand of deception … while America (i.e., the real modern “Mystery Babylon”)  masquerades as a “god-fearing” nation

How convenient … but how pathetically ignorant … to always jump on the Catholic church as the scapegoat to take up the mantel of the Great Whore (Mystery Babylon) of Revelation.

When, in fact, all 40+ thousand Christian denominations are just as guilty as the Catholic Church for spreading the Triune God lie of Nimrod’s wife (Semiramis … and her son Tammuz). (Note: The reader is going to have to do a little self-enlightening research … and, I am not Catholic.)

Jesus Christ can NOT be God … because He whined and cried to GOD to give Him back the honor and glory He shared with HIM (as Spirit Jesus) before there was ever one grain of sand or a speck of dust in the current physical universe. Nevertheless, Jesus Christ now has more power than anyone else … except … for GOD Who empowers Him.

The Holy Spirit can NOT be God … because He constantly searches the mind of GOD to keep up with what is going on in GOD’s plans. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit is the work horse that unites the works of both GOD and Jesus Christ to drive the Kingdom of God forward.

Consider this: Mystery Babylon is a metaphor for any evil city, nation, or people. Why mention a country in Bible prophecy that will not survive end-time events?

America is the epitome of the evil that covers the earth in the end times … and it definitely fits every definition and qualification of a wide-spread evil empire affecting the whole world (i.e., sitting on “many waters” and even attempting to expand to outer space).

And while not mentioned explicitly by name … America is marked by the sex, drugs, death, and the evil it produces upon the earth before its destruction. And, just like Sodom and Gomorrah … America will be absolutely destroyed … because it keeps on poking its fingers in the eyes of GOD.

What a pity that is. America was blessed with the greatest, moral constitution ever written for human governance.  But the dominance of ever-ready evil hearts … and insatiable gonads … are constantly driven by the greed, gluttony and sexual perversions of humans everywhere to push God and morality away.

Do not be deceived by the words of those that proclaim how America has been a “good” nation. It has not … and democracy has a fatal flaw.

The ideology that everyone can have anything or any freedom they want (whether anyone else likes it or not) is almost the worst, rotten from of narcissistic tyranny on Earth.

The worst … most enslaving form of democracy … is that demanded by others who proclaim that someone else owes them something. That is the laziest, most evil form of entitlement on the planet.

America has been a country overrun by an evil, greedy breed of humans that grows worse by the day … and ignores the good intentions of its Constitution.

America has become a nation of totalitarian, self-serving evil people … attacking Christians and Jews … while expanding its criminal lawlessness with unchallenged freedoms around the globe.

America serves the gonad gods with 60% of the world’s immoral films of perverted sex acts, … while producing more pornography than the rest of the world combined!

Only China and India have killed more fetuses through abortions than America … simply because both of them are at least three times larger than America.

Streets of America are filled with violent acts of crime and death. And while elected officials provide excuses and justifications for their crimes … evil waxes rampant throughout American cities (all worse than in any ancient city named Babylon).

Why mention a nation’s name that will cease to exist? America was given much … but has returned little (Luke 12:48) … and it shall suffer the penalty of its extinction.

America will definitely cease to exist … it makes Sodom and Gomorra look like examples of divine picnics.

You can enlighten yourself with this information involving the evolution of Jesus Christ:

We should pray for GOD to send Jesus Christ to get us soon … and carry us off in that great celestial ark (New Jerusalem) to wait for the new heavens and a new Earth to be created (2 Peter 3:13). (Think about that, Folks … where could we possibly be while the new heavens and new Earth are being built? Remember … the angels already have their dominion and habitation … which were not built for us ….)


Rev. Dr. Randall B. Spell, DD

PS: I am not a prophet. I am a theoretical theologian that finds things others miss. For example, only three people were ever created on Earth (i.e., Adam, Eve, and Jesus … the man). Jesus’ exact DNA … and how He got it … is described in the book listed above.

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