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Judas Iscariot

Judas Iscariot

How or Why Did GOD Forgive Judas Iscariot?


One day some friends visited me and my wife. There was a program on TV about killing Jesus. One of our friends is a Christian and her husband is an Atheist.

As we were watching the TV program, the Atheist said that he did not believe what he was watching. I said that I didn’t believe it either.

He said, “But you are a Christian. I thought that you believed that stuff.”

I said, “I am … but watching TV shows for information is just about as dangerous as believing that everything on the Internet is true.

“A lot of what we are seeing here is more for drama than for truthful revelation about Jesus’ betrayal and his killing.”

Then I told my friends that the writers of the killing Jesus story did not correctly portray Jesus’ relationship with Judas and that Jesus had actually directed Judas to go put his betrayal into action.

My Christian friend said, “I sure would like to know where you found that  in the Bible. I don’t think Jesus said that at all.”

I told them that I would do a little search to find out where that information is in the Bible.

My little search has turned into this little booklet. As I was doing my research, I realized that maybe a whole lot of other people are not aware of this information either.

What is my authority for writing this little booklet, and am I a theologian? My authorities are the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

And, yes … in my view, I am a Theoretical Theologian,  but that might be similar to saying that I am a lawyer. Does the USA Supreme Court always vote with 0 to 9 … or 9 to 0 on its decisions?

No … why not? If they don’t all vote the same … don’t they all know the law?

Anyway, the term “theoretical theologian” might be a reflective or redundant expression.

Theology seems to be the study of ideas, and their meanings, but not so much about the facts with clear meanings.

When I started this little book I had intended for it to be a little information piece about 2 -3 pages long.

The more I wrote, the more I realized that some additional information was needed to help construct an understandable premise.

I realize that many people who read this book will not be Christians and will not understand who some of the characters are in the short booklet.

However, it is a sure bet that almost everyone has heard some reference to Judas Iscariot as a traitor.

This booklet is not meant to be an exhaustive study and revelation about Judas Iscariot.

There are only two questions raised in the title, and I had intended to simply give the answers to the two questions and then fly away.

Many Christians can fill in the blanks, but I soon realized that many other non-Christians might like to know a little bit more about Christianity.

Then, I realized that many Christians do not even read their Bibles and they will not have the depth to understand what is being presented without a little additional information.

Before I realized it, I had written ten times more than I had intended. My wife noted that I “was at it again,” meaning that I did not know when to stop writing.

My problem is not “writer’s block.” What I need is “writer’s brakes” to know when to stop.

I know this subject is going to catch quite a few people totally off guard, but I know that most theologians will immediately recognize the premise of the questions and answers …  even if they do not agree … and that is OK, too. Why? … because this is not a soul-snatching gotcha question.

When Jesus Christ was dying on the cross he prayed to GOD to forgive the people who were killing him: “Then said Jesus, Fatherforgive them; for they know not what they do.”   Luke 23:24

In a similar fashion, a careful reading of the scriptures will provoke a similar question about Judas when he went to betray Jesus  … “Was Judas really in control of what he was doing?”


This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Print Book versions … but only the eBook’s URL links can be directly clicked and accessed. However, many people just like to have more print books on their bookshelves … and collectors like them, too.

  1. God Forgave Judas Iscariot – But How? Why? … eBook Edition
  2. God Forgave Judas Iscariot – But How? Why? … Print Book Edition


144K Virgin Jews

144K Jewish Virgins

144,000 Jewish Virgins Of The Apocalypse

I believe that this is a book that both scientists and theologians can have fun with  … and a lot of people can have fun with it, too.

And since these two subjects (i.e., Science and Religion) can be a bit confusing, I will bounce back and forth and repeat things a little bit here and there in the book to reinforce some points.

But first … get off your “flat Earths” and take off those “religious blinders.”

Science and religion often go hand-in-hand … but just as frequently, they diverge for lack of information.

For example, there is something that can, and often does, go faster than the speed of light … and there is irrefutable proof of that fact … but it does not violate any laws of physics.

There is also irrefutable proof for the exact nature and origin of the DNA of Jesus Christ … and I know everyone will have fun with this information.

Water actually exists in four states. Most people already know three of them, but readily recognize the fourth when explained.

I will provide answers to both of those thing above somewhere in this book … and just to keep you interested … I will also show the location for the irrefutable proof for the identity of Jesus Christ’s DNA.

Many people, who know very little about science or religion, will probably grab this book out of curiosity just to see what’s in it.

For those who do not know much about religion or gods … here are three things they should know:


  1. In the absence of a god, some men will invent one.
  2. In the absence of a god, some men will rise to become one.
  3. In the presence of a god, some men will usurp his authority.


For those do not know much about science or reality… here are three things they should know:


  1. In the absence of science, some men will simply exist.
  2. In the absence of science, some men will simply dream.
  3. In the presence of science, some men will create.


Nevertheless,  it is true for both science and religion that … everything will never be enough.

Here is a pop quiz that I suspect 99.9% of all Bible students, preachers, teachers, Bible colleges, “commercial Christian pastors,” and Christian websites will get wrong.

Here is the question: What is the penultimate event that must be completed before the return of Jesus Christ?  [You have five seconds … that’s why it is a “pop quiz.”]

You will find the answer right here in: Matthew 24:14 and Acts 1:8.

But really??? What are those 144 sealed, virgin, Jews doing? Why are they popping up somewhere around the Tribulation Period? The author has a pretty good idea of what they show up to do.


This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Print Book versions (Note: URL links are active in the eBook version):

  1. 144,000 Jewish Virgins of The Apocalypse: The Penultimate Prophecy Before The End of Man … eBook Edition  (
  2. 144,000 Jewish Virgins of The Apocalypse: The Penultimate Prophecy Before The End of Man … Print Book Edition (


Garden of Eden


The Garden of Eden

This presentation will show where all those people came from that were already here on Earth when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden.

The Sixth-Day was much longer than  24 hours … and you can bet that Adam and Eve were not “resting” on the Seventh-day … you know, with those beautiful super-powered hormone-propelled bodies (and nothing else to do all day!)!

Anyway, where did Cain go to find his wife after he killed Abel … and how is it that she was already present on Earth?

This is not a work of fiction. The purpose of this presentation is to reveal that which has been shown … but not seen or understood from the beginning of the Bible.

There are no points of faith that have to be agreed upon in this book. For example, there are no “soul-snatching” dogmas that must be accepted … just information to be considered as a real possibility for the beginnings of human civilizations.

If we could resolve this question: “Where did all those people come from in human history,” we could satisfy many religious and scientific questions. The answer has been right in front of us for centuries … but seemingly overlooked.

The revelation in this little book is probably the biggest oversight in human history. This information would have provided the lynchpin for recognizing foundations of human civilizations. It is now revealed for people to see for themselves.

The “children of Eden” are actually the cornerstones of all civilizations. However, this point seems to have escaped most “readers” of the Bible for centuries.

Or, scholars may have been led in other directions because of the story of Noah’s flood … thinking that the possibility of previous populations would have been irrelevant … but that is not accurate.

Nevertheless, the purpose of this book is to establish the foundations for human civilizations so that we can anchor the validity of the creation account. Noah’s flood is too extensive to cover in this account, but it can be covered in a later accounting.

Many people refuse to believe the Bible, and then give up on their faith.  They cannot reconcile scientific reports with missing Biblical accounting for the numbers of people who apparently were here when Adam and Eve emerged from the “Garden.”

Keep in mind that science does not have all the answers. The Bible requires us to use our minds to “think.” There is no true faith or belief without thinking and reasoning.

This presentation provides a reasonable explanation for the foundations of human civilizations that emerged from the “Garden of Eden.” You do not have to believe it.

None of the information presented in this book is “soul-binding” … that is, you do not have to believe it one way or another.


This book is available on Amazon in eBook or Print Book versions … active links can only be opened in the eBook version:

  1. Garden of Eden – Mystery Children of Day 7: The Foundations for Humanity … eBook Edition (
  2. Garden of Eden – Mystery Children of Day 7: The Foundations for Humanity … Print-Book Edition ( )

The Millennium




After the Tribulation period and the Battle of Armageddon … comes the Millennium. After reconstruction and restoration of the devastated Earth … the Millennium will be the most a affluent and progressive society to ever live on Earth … which could only be rivaled by the Garden of Eden.

Why? How could this be?  There will be no sin to deceive the world because Satan will be bound for 1000 years … but Satan will be let loose for a short period thereafter.

This presentation is written to be only a beginning to the exploration of true Biblical theology. Others will write much more as truth opens their eyes.

The theology for this presentation is probably more applicable to the people of the next theological age … the post Tribulation period … and existing on throughout the 1000-year Millennium Age.

The doctrine of  the Trinitarian Age (i.e., those with the Trinity Doctrine) … will probably be rejected … but Jewish followers will learn the true nature and origin of Jesus Christ and his true relationship to GOD the Father during the Millennium.

In the beginning the WORD  was with GOD … and GOD created everything by expressing the power of the WORD … and nothing was created by GOD without using the power of HIS WORD (i.e., refer to John 1:11).

Pragmatic theologians know that Man-Jesus Christ is NOT the WORD … but is a begotten  created being, whose DNA source can be shown.

However, King-Messiah Jesus Christ now has complete autonomy in using the power of the WORD by the authority of GOD the Father (1 Corinthians 15:272and 59 expanded versions3 of 1 Corinthians 15:27).

Further proof that the WORD in John 1:1 is NOT Jesus Christ … but in actual, essential nature, is none other than GOD the Father himself as shown in Hebrews 4:124.

Nevertheless, GOD the Father also gave others the privilege and authority to use some power of HIS WORD (i.e., Moses in Numbers 20:84) … and this is not magic … it is pre-approved usage of WORD-power from GOD the Father.

The author did not forget about the lack of veracity exercised in commercial-Christian Religion(s) either, … but he hastens to add … that there is nothing wrong with the original Hebrew and Greek Bible sections.

The biggest problem with the Bible is that most people do not speak its original languages of Old Testament Hebrew or New Testament Attic Greek (and some Latin).

But … it is the diversity in interpretations of the Bible that dismay most people … something just seems wrong with what comes out of their mouths.

Many people are constantly concerned with gnawing doubts that they are missing some essential points of interpretation that they desperately need for understanding.

Most Christians do not seem to even know who their GOD really is. Even though, the Bible clearly identifies HIM … men try to hide him in a power-shared Trinity Doctrine.

And … many scientists spread “Relativity Sauce” all over every scientific thing when they cannot understand or explain something … but that does not fill the minds of intuitive thinkers.

Jesus Christ has been so inflated and conflated until no one can seem to really identify who he really is.  Just spread some Jesus Mayonnaise on it and say, “Jesus did it.”

Therefore, to be fair,  the author will show (i.e., in the Christian Bible) exactly who Jesus Christ really is … and how his DNA was actually made (and why) … and who the GOD of Christianity really is.

No one has to be a genius to understand these things … and an eighth-grader should be able to figure it out.

An over-arching view of the world is that people should learn as much as they can about the things that people use to  understand the world … and how to best control it.

That includes both the sciences and religions … because both of those ideological systems seek to control the past, present, and future realities of all humans.

People should not be afraid to seek understanding (and to challenge) the hypotheses of the sciences and the theologies of religions … but in those challenges … seek to find truth and wisdom that support their foundations.

And, the greatest freedom that people can learn … is that they have the right to change their mind in the presence of new discoveries and understanding.

Never bow to self-incriminating humility for doing the right thing … i.e., do not become an apologetic doormat … especially to allow an unacceptable ideology.

People should hold their heads high and move forward in the light of understanding … because the wrong thing to do is to continue forward in the wrongful preservation of errors.

The world needs more skillful, honest thinkers in the scientific and theological fields … to help move humanity forward on more successful and noble planes.

Here is a handy source to use for reviewing Bible verses in about 59 different Bible versions:  Biblegateway5 … and this can resource be extremely helpful for verses that seem a little confusing (i.e., by reviewing other Biblical interpretations).

Note1: The King James Version (i.e.,  KJV of the Bible) is used throughout this presentation. However, about 59 additional versions of a particular Bible verse can be reviewed for those puzzling Bible verses.

Note2: The eBook version of this book will contain active links to the references used. The URL references in the Print version of this book will have to be typed into an internet browser in order to open the references.

If someone looks up John 3:166 in Biblegateway, they can find about 59 additional readings of that verse by clicking on a link below it that says:  John 3:167 in all English translations.

Whether or not someone is trying to understand a science or religion question … it pays to do some individual reading and studying without someone else’s puzzling, self-serving tongue rattling in their ear.

Never be afraid to take advantage of newly found truth and revelation … even if it means amending your belief or the way you conduct your life.

Do not stare blindly into the bright sun … it will blind you.

Just remember the following practical truths:


  • Stare boldly into the light of truth …and darkness will not blind you.


  • Staring blindly into the darkness will not enlighten you … but the darkness will blind you.


Not only is it the unyielding force to drive humankind to chase the unfulfilling substances of life … it is also the incessant desire to find out why we are here.


In the absence of a god, some men will invent one.

In the absence of a god, some men will become one.

In the presence of a god, some men will subjugate him.

Badger Troy


This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Print Book.  The eBook has all active digital links … but the links are not active in the Print Book.

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  2. The Millennium After Armageddon : Jesus Christ … His Biblical DNA Revealed … Print-Book Edition ( *

*This print book is great for collectors … and it will look good on any bookshelf … but the eBook is the most versatile for information and study.