Christian Blind Faith Resolved

Blind Faith

Subject: Two great solutions that resolve Christian Blind Faith problems!

Greetings to all who receive this message:

Many now understand why burnout occurs in Christian theology … in particular for mental illnesses related to Christian Blind Faith. But, there are two easy solutions to resolve that heartache.

The simple cure (or treatment for blind faith) is honesty.

The fundamental requirements for any application of truth … is that a person must be able to understand, accept, and apply the facts related to the truth … without the imposition of biases.

In this case, the most confusing prejudices seem to come from any of the 43+ thousand Christian denominations who promote their own interests … and the best way to resolve this large data base of biases is to stick to what is written in the Christian Bible.

Here are two simple solutions:

  1. For those who need to accept a belief in the Christian trinity Doctrine of Blind Faith … that is fine. Stick to your belief (Romans 14:22) and continue your devotion to GOD in your belief with your church.
  2. For those who cannot find any peace with the trinity Blind Faith paradox … you can still keep the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (and stay in your church). Because it is easy to find out exactly what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do (in the Bible) and how they work together (see the documentary below):

Get the eye-opening documentary below and find peace: God’s Truth About Blind Faith for Dizzy DummiesDigital Book  or   Print Book

Blind Faith
God’s Blind Faith?

Some readers may want an even larger in-depth commentary (i.e., by an expert who has also defied science logic and explained something that can go faster than the speed of light).

In that case … you may want to get the larger eye-opening documentary (found in the Bible) and find peace: Three-Stage Evolution of Jesus Christ:  Spirit Jesus –  Man Jesus – Resurrected Jesus    Digital Book  or   Print Book

Jesus Christ Evolved
Jesus Christ Evolved

No one is saved into the kingdom of GOD by the authority of any church. Resurrected Jesus Christ did not send churches into the world … He sent His followers (Mark 16:15-16).

Resurrected Jesus Christ is coming back regardless of the greedy-gluttonous-gonad experts who doubt that He even exists … get ready!


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PS: I almost forgot … but in case you still want to know about it … here is the link to some science facts about something that can definitely go Faster than light speedDigital Book  or  Print Book

Faster Than Light
Faster Than Light Speed

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