Contagious Diseases

Brand New Easy Non-fiction Disease Prevention Strategies

Easy Techniques That Work … When You Know What They are!

 Covers Thousands of Contagious Diseases From: Covid-19 … Ebola … Flu … Sex .. GMOs … +++

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Prevent ALL Contagious Diseases

Viral Diseases
Prevent ALL Contagious Diseases
How Do We Defend Ourselves From One Pandemic Disease After Another?

  1. Secrets To Preventing Virtually Any Contagious Illness or Disease … Anywhere  eBook Edition     $5.95
  2. Secrets To Preventing Virtually Any Contagious Illness or Disease … Anywhere   Print Book Edition    $19.95

Quick Overview:

It is not the responsibility of a Hospital or a Doctor to educate the public about methods to treat or avoid contagious diseases … although, that does seem like something that they could do. Their jobs are actually to provide specific treatments and remedies for medical problems. They do not make money educating you to how stay well … although, we are exposed to information about washing our hands and wearing facial masks. This book provides much information about avoiding diseases and staying well most of the time. (Hint: Get the eBook … it has all the active links!)


  • How To Avoid The FLU … and Everything Else!
  • What Do People Really Want To Know?
  • Misinformation Causes More Harm Than Fear!
  • Can We Have More Information about Germs?
  • What Are Sources of Germs?
  • So What? I Have Dirty Hands A Lot!
  • Is Self-Infection Really Possible?
  • What Happen With Person-To-Person Contact?
  • The Human Germ Incubator Is Most Dangerous!
  • Contaminated Objects And Places Are Deadly!
  • Are Pets Also Sources of Germs?
  • Insect Germ Transmission … Most Deadly!
  • Contamination from Dirt, Water, and Air?
  • Which Parasites Affect Humans?
  • Differences between Aids and HIV?
  • What Is Aids Protection?
  • Connection Between Germ Contact and Immunity?
  • Some Additional Observations About Infections!
  • 36 Examples of Germ Problem Situations
  • The Use of Your Hands Is The Key To What?
  • How to Germ-Proof Yourself, Family, Friends!
  • When Do We Need A Doctor?
  • Variations In Treatments Are Necessary!
  • Get Ready For Doomsday Genetic Engineering!
  • What Is Everything Else?
  • A Lot More To Know About Protection.


Are Pandemic Diseases The New Toy …