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Infectious Diseases
Infectious Disease Protection


Tired of getting sick … lockdowns, quarantines,  disease-fear syndrome. … and of 24-hour news media misinformation?

You can easily do something about it … and no one can stop you. Just get the information below that you need to do it … or click on the book image above.

Some might ask, “If I have all of that TV information, why do I need more information?”

Good question … and it’s great that you asked.

Many of us are now wondering about a great many things … that are far beyond the mind-bending intrusion’s from TV sets.

Stop and think for just a moment … and then realize that something profound has overcome our world … FEAR.

Just a few years ago we were not thinking about politics and diseases. We had an everyday life … things to do and places to go.

But now … fear topics have become a 24-hour marathon on TV … and we find ourselves threatened with loss of life, income, and liberty.

Let’s look a little deeper into the emerging issue that controls societies around the world in this new age of dreadful uncertainty.

Are pandemic diseases the New Toy for Governments to Control And Depopulate the world! 

Maybe so … but there is plenty that people can do to protect themselves … once they find out how easily they can do it!

The world’s ruling classes may have found the magic-bullet to control the world … FEAR … by introducing one contagious disease after another like HIV, Ebola, Covid-19, etc.

New-world governments could continually introduce genetically modified organisms (GMO) such as weaponized viruses and bacteria for pandemic disease-production … but you could still be safe from almost all of them with this information … even while on autopilot.

Humans are the best germ-incubators for spreading infectious diseases that can cause rapid human death and depopulation … but birds, mosquitos, and food are also parts of the disease-spreading process.

However, there are many simple, easy things that we can do to protect ourselves with almost no money spent. But … you can bet there are many powers that do not want you to know how to do it … because they want you to be controlled by them!

It is amazingly simple how easy it is to protect yourself with almost no cost … and when you know how … you will find out that they work worldwide! They do not want you to know how … because they cannot get into your pockets!

Be cautious of schemes and scams that try to prey upon your fears … check things out for yourself.

Seems like some may be dreaming up ways to get rich by selling us all kinds of drugs, vaccines, and personal protective equipment … and some of them may work … while keeping us quarantined and shivering in our basements.

This new book is easy to read and understand (150,000+ words). It has 45 years of professional experience and information. … which was taught to various health-sciences and health-care students in colleges and universities.

People need to know how to protect themselves from various types of contagious diseases anywhere in the world … and there are many of them out there (i.e., people and diseases) … but some simple precautions can help avoid almost all contagious infections and diseases.

This book nails it … and the steps are so easy they become second-nature … and they work!

There are many contagious diseases that people do not even know about … and more may be coming. But everyone needs to know that they can easily protect themselves against contagious diseases they do not even know about yet … and without even thinking about it.

A retired health sciences college/university professor has been gathering and teaching information for the last 45 years … for the classes he taught to his college students about diseases … and the testing procedures to find them.

He has compiled easy-to-read and understand solutions to prevent “catching” virtually all communicable diseases wherever they occur in the world.

The “experts” only dribble out occasional 10-15 second sound-bites on TV that might eventually help some people, somewhere … but only maybe … with the real intent to scare the detritus out of people.

TV and News Sound-bites  only present a drop of information that people really need to know about … but this book reveals information for people that they can easily and basically use world-wide.

Various contagious diseases … and many other infectious diseases are actually very easy and simple to defend against … when you know how.

This book is written in simple, non-medical language that can be understood by most high school students.

There are also non-communicable diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa … which a person can “catch” without contacting people … but can “catch” from contaminated objects and places (and this book even shows how to guard against most of those).

This book also shows you how you can easily be ready … even for most of the bad stuff you do not even know about … but these simple routine practices can guard people against almost all of them without even thinking about it.

Most important of all … this information is cheap … and the advice can be used over and over for a lifetime of protection! It has been working for more than 50 years! But you can bet that fear mongers and money hogs don’t want you to know about these things.

I bet some of you are already saying that this is too good to be true … and that it will cost at least $39 to get this valuable information.

Well, the author could charge that … and it would be worth it … but many people are going through hard times right now because of Covid-19 and worldwide fear-mongering for power, control, and profit.

The eBook is over 500 pages with 250+ active internet search links. The Print Book for collectors does not have active links (of course, since it is a print book).

You can get this eBook and download it at once … and stay ready … stay healthy … and enjoy your life! You are worth it!

This book is available from Amazon in eBook and Print Book versions. The 250+ URL links in the eBook are active.

Book title: “Secrets To Preventing Virtually Any Contagious Illness or Disease  … Disease Prevention Anywhere … Worldwide”  

  1. Get the revolutionary 500+-page eBook with immediate download ($5.95): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08L3P98LK
  2. Get the revolutionary 500-page Print Book Version ($19.95):  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1735660752  *

* Many book collectors want print books for their collections for an investment … and to upgrade their bookcases. Note: Amazon may put a different book cover on the Print Book … but the contents are the same in both books. (Long story … but the ISBN would not allow a change in the print book cover without buying more ISBNs.)

In addition to learning how to avoid contagious diseases like HIV, Covid-19, the FLU, etc. … here are just a few more topics covered in this powerful new book:

  • The FLU … and Everything Else … you can avoid
  • What People Want To Know … what they are not being told
  • Misinformation and Confusion (i.e., for control and profit)
  • Information about many types of Germs
  • Sources of Germs
  • Dirty Hands (what you can do with them)
  • Self-Infection (a lot of that)
  • Person-To-Person Contact (and sexually transmitted diseases)
  • The Human Germ Incubator
  • Contaminated Objects And Places
  • Pets As Sources of Germs
  • Insect Germ Transmission
  • Contamination from Dirt, Water, and Air
  • Parasites (mind-blowing numbers)
  • Difference between Aids and HIV
  • Aids Protection
  • Germ Contact and Immunity
  • Additional Observations About Infections
  • Examples of Problem Situations:
  • The Use of Your Hands Is The Key
  • How to Germ-Proof Yourself, Family, Friends
  • When Do We Need A Doctor?
  • Treatment (if you are lucky)
  • Doomsday Genetic Engineering (deadly new, manufactured diseases)
  • Everything Else? (Yes … unbelievable!)

In case you would like some additional information … maybe about the author and other things … please, continue reviewing.

The author is a retired college/university professor. He has been teaching, revising, and updating this infectious, contagious disease information for more than 45 years.

He has been careful to re-write this information so that a person does not have to have a PhD … or  be a doctor, researcher, or college professor to understand it.

It is easy to avoid almost all contagious, infectious diseases worldwide … and after you finish this book …  you will know how to do it for yourself.

Although important, wearing a face mask is great … and social-distancing is very helpful … but the biggest problem is touching things with those wonderful hands! You need to know where and why this is important. Your eyes will be opened to the invisible, unthinkable dangers all around you … especially, if you stumble in the dangers unknowingly.

There is only one secret to all of this … which is in this comprehensive new book. And when you see just how easy it is to do … you will know that you can do it, too!

Just so you will know … the author has added expanded information about contagious, deadly, troublesome diseases for people … which they would almost never know about.

He has tried to keep the grammar at a level for public consumption. For those who want big words … and in-depth research … please contact your alma mater or a local research facility.

However, he has provided over 250 active URL  links in the eBook (i.e., the immediate downloaded digital book)  for further “light-scientific” investigation. Those interested in going deeper into the subject matter … try contacting the authors in the URL links or their bibliography at the end of their articles.

The information dished-out on TV for finding out about diseases may supply some useful information for symptoms, doctors, hospitals, and related information after people already have a disease … but that is a pathetically, inefficient way to get any kind of real, meaningful medical information.

But, here are two questions to consider:

  1. Why do people “Catch” those contagious diseases in the first place?
  2. Would people “Not Catch” those diseases if they knew how “not to?”

The new book shows people how they “Catch” those contagious infections and diseases in the first place. That information is almost never adequately explained anywhere … and certainly NOT on the short “TV-expert” opinion pieces.

But, the most important point is that this book shows what most people are almost never told: “What to do to “NOT CATCH” those contagious diseases in the first place!”

You would think that sort of information would be common knowledge, but it is not. This book helps to correct that problem … at least for those people who get the book and read it.

More than likely, after people read this book, they will have the temptation to wake a few people up to conscious reality as they trip carelessly through their life’s activities.

A word of caution: Be careful … many people today seem to think that they can do whatever they want to do regardless of the consequences to others. It is called the … rights and freedoms to stupidity-entitlement.

The safest thing you can do is to make sure that you do not become a victim to the carelessness of others. This book helps you to avoid “Catching” the contagious diseases and infections that other people unknowingly or carelessly spread around.

By the time you finish reviewing this book, and all its links, you will know more about diseases, disease transmissions, and disease symptoms than 99% of all the students who graduate from all the health care programs in all the colleges and universities in the world.

Just review the information in this new book … and you will see why. College students only get a touch of this information here-and-there … because only a little of it is spread through some college courses.

That is easy for the author to say because he worked and taught in the health care field for over 40 years.  He has the advantage of knowing what is in the college curriculums of pre-med, nursing students, x-ray techs, lab techs, etc. He was an Assistant Professor, Adjunct Professor, and Program Director in more than ten colleges and universities nationwide.

Doctors, of course, should already know this stuff, … but there are no reasons to keep this information secret from the public.

The public is its own worst enemy in transmitting diseases around, but no one is really making much basic information available to the public (until now).

Why? Because illnesses and diseases are big money-makers for the health-care industries and pharmaceutical companies.

The public should understand a basic fact. Hospitals and doctors are not obliged to inform or educate the public about the wide range of diseases and disease transmissions, nor how to avoid  “catching” those diseases (or illnesses) in the first place.

Why? Basically, they just do not have the time to educate everyone … and if they did … it would not be in their best interests to do so.

Their jobs are to treat and help people who do get sick (or injured, or need surgery, etc.). That is how they make their money … and how they prove their reasons for existence.

And that is the disturbing reality of medicine … doctors and hospitals cannot make money if there are no sick people to use their services … but morally, they are not wishing for people to get sick either.

Make no mistake about it … we need them. However, we can stay well a whole lot more than we have been doing by following a few simple rules.

Rule #1: Learn how to avoid catching a contagious disease in the first place.

Rule #2: Learn how to recognize disease symptoms, and then to get help.

Rule #3: Go back to Rule #1.

There are many times that we need doctors and hospitals for accidents, diseases, and other things that may be unpreventable or difficult to avoid.

However, this book deals with the unfortunate number of situations that people “catch” diseases and illnesses simply because they do not know they are in danger.

A healthy body can help recover from a disease, but immunizations will help prevent catching many contagious diseases. Take advantage of any immunizations recommended by your doctor.

Note: For those who do not know … just because a person gets a vaccination or immunization against one type of disease or illness … that does not mean that they cannot catch something else (and there are millions of other disease possibilities out there).

If the information in this book prevents just one trip to a doctor’s office, a person could save themselves ten to a hundred times more than the small cost of this book.

A practicing pathologist (i.e., one of the author’s former bosses … Dr. W. G. Price) once made the observation that many human illnesses are easy to understand.

That is true for the trained eye of a certified pathologist or clinical scientist. However, that is not true for the average citizens of the world in any country.

If the U.S. government gets its way, and we wind up with universal health coverage for all citizens, we may wish for the day when we had to wait in a doctor’s office to see the doctor we wanted to help us.

With uncontrolled healthcare for all U.S. citizens (or others who just happen to be here), we may stand in long lines outside doctors’ office waiting rooms. Every little sniffle or tingle will be headed for a doctor’s office visit. Be warned … it could easily happen!

And, the point is … stay as well as you possibly can … so that you do not have to contend with competition to see a doctor.

Many people do not even know how they got sick or where they “caught” it.

But now, they can have a much better idea about how to protect themselves with the information in this presentation.

People have been heard to complain, “Now, I wonder where in the #@!&% I caught this *%&#!@ infection.”

By the time people complete this book they will realize that they could have been in contact with something weeks ago … and because of incubation and time delay after disease exposure … they cannot connect an exposure event to their current illness.

Why? Because of different disease incubation periods, it is easy to forget a place or situation where contact with an infectious germ (i.e., a sick person with or without symptoms) could have occurred … especially with the speed of airline travel.

There is an explosion of populations coming, and an explosion of illnesses and diseases are coming with them.

People may destroy, devour, and deplete the planet … but unless people learn how to protect themselves against contagious germ transmissions … there will be fewer of them on the planet.

Increases in worldwide populations, and the propagation of diseases, will be accompanied by massive government legislation and control to manage dwindling resources … unless the resources are being protected by removing populations (i.e., many people are concerned that this could be an aim of tyrannical governments).

Diseases and famines will increase worldwide. People who are prepared will have a better chance of surviving because they will know what to avoid. Expect an increasing scarcity of drugs and medications which will complicate treatment and survival.

We all need to develop a different attitude about infections, illnesses, and diseases … because there are ways to improve our lives despite them.

We need to stop thinking of hospitals and doctors in terms of “illness-prevention.” Health-care-recovery their business.

Their business is SICK CARE.  Their jobs are to help us get well when we become sick or injured.

“Sick” prevention comes in the form of:

  • Vaccinations and vaccines
  • Personal knowledge about infections, illnesses, and disease prevention,
  • Personal knowledge applied to “sickness” prevention.

Injuries may require a multitude of different medical approaches and disciplines of medicine (i.e. non-invasive procedures as well as surgery) to treat non-disease conditions.

But knowing how to avoid contagious diseases is far more important to staying alive and healthy … than hoping that there is a pill for everything … and there may NOT be.

FYI … many contagious diseases may be from new forms engineered (i.e., genetically modified organisms … or GMO) in an unregistered lab … for the purposes of population reductions and people control.

But … people usually catch those “engineered diseases”  the same way they catch other things like the FLU, Covid-19, etc.

However, the techniques presented in this book … for all those other contagious diseases … will also work for those most of those “engineered diseases” designed to cause worldwide problems.

And, remember … just because some government wants to use diseases to reduce and control populations … we are not obliged to cooperate with our own destruction by diseases.

Since we are here … there is one prime observation to remember: It is our right to live by taking care of our own self … because that is our personal responsibility.

This book is available from Amazon in eBook (500+ pages) and Print Book versions. The 250+ URL links in the eBook are active … but they can also be typed into an internet browser from the Print Book (about 500 pages).

Book title: “Secrets To Preventing Virtually Any Contagious Illness or Disease  … Disease Prevention Anywhere … Worldwide”  

  1. Get the revolutionary eBook: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08L3P98LK
  2. Get the revolutionary Print Book Version:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1735660752  *

* Many book collectors want print books for their collections for an investment … and to upgrade their bookcases.

Stay well, get well, live well … and stop letting anyone control you through fear of:  death by disease.

May you have peace, health, safety and satisfaction in your life.

Get the book above … and help support your life in safety and peace.