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Tree of Life … Light?


Jesus Christ actually does need your help … and in spite of Matthew 28:18 … He absolutely cannot do everything without you.

Why? Because you (and Christians in general) are the missing component needed to spread the word to the world and to grow the kingdom of GOD. Congregations think they can defer this responsibility to their pastors and clergy … but they cannot get away with passing their responsibility off to others.

He really cannot do this without you.   WHY ? … because it is your (our) job … and there are rules governing heaven and earth. If it were not so … GOD the Father would have already clicked His fingers to impose His will upon the world.

* Jesus already has the Tree of Life to give to you … but He needs you … because you have the answer to the other part required for salvation in the Kingdom of God.

What is that … and what if you do not know what that is?

It is very simple. It is this process in Romans 10:17 … and it is your job to deliver it (and NO … your pastor cannot do it all for you.).

** Jesus knows you have it (John 12:36) … because He sent you to deliver it (the Tree of Light within you) to the rest of the world. See your part in Mark 16:15.

Wait! Don’t get all nervous and fidgety. There is a straightforward way for you to anonymously reach more people than you think you can … and without getting your nose dented for your efforts.

These are easy things you can actually do … and they are easier than you think!

Most people cannot preach or write … but there are other ways to get GOD’s word out to the world.

Jesus cannot wave His magic wand and make everyone believe in Him … that would violate the law of free will.

Why? If it were that easy, GOD the Father would have already done it before HE flooded the Earth.

Humankind must be able to choose freely … between good  and evil … without coercion.

Satan is watching to make sure this free-will rule  is honored. Otherwise … game over … and Satan wins!

God the Father sent Jesus Christ to reason with us (in John 3:14-16). And God richly rewarded Jesus for His obedience (See Matthew 28:18.).

Now, Jesus must send all of us to spread the gospel message around the  world (Mark 16:15). Plus, Jesus has the power to reward all of us for our obedience to His will (Revelation 22:12).

Jesus also has the exclusive right to grant us eternal life … as part of His power in heaven.

We cannot sit around in church … blinking in wondrous oblivion …  and expect our pastors to do everything for the Kingdom of Heaven.

There are too many people out there for one person to ever reach everyone … and your pastors can hardly even keep up with local events.

World-wide research shows that there are about:

  • 41,000 Christian denominations around the world;
  • Thirty-seven million church congregations all over the place;
  • and over five billion oblivious people who are NOT  believers. *

* God wants ALL of them … and our task is to inform them just as Jesus instructed us.

You may not author books or preach sermons about Christianity … but Amazon makes it really easy to ship books to others as a gift all over the world … and help you to fulfill your obligation of Mark 16:15.

Do not be afraid that you might insult someone by trying to help them with a book about religion to save their soul. Just remember Romans 10:15 and Luke 15:7 … and then reflect on Matthew 7:13-14.

Do not worry … and do not let it bother you …  but there may be those who will reject anyone’s attempts to open their eyes to GOD’s Kingdom. You just do this instead … Mark 6:11 … and then move on.

Do not waste time on withered fruit when you could be planting a vibrant new garden in the Kingdom of God.

As a first book, I suggest sending them More Power Than The Trinity Doctrine … (and reading it yourself), because it holds together the foundations of religious doctrine in ALL Christian denominational churches.

Here is a recommended short-list of people you could send selected Amazon religious books to (and send them anonymously if you wish) … to help satisfy your obligation in Mark 16:15.

  1. Preachers in various churches … people might be amazed at the number of clergy who do NOT believe in God … but they are just “doing Church” as a business job. However,  other clergy may silently bless you for revealing to them the “Trinity Foundations” which 99.9% of them stumble over when trying to present the Trinity.
  2. Your friends and relatives … it may better to send your “gifts” anonymously … because Jesus correctly observed this problem in Luke 4:24.
  3. Your purpose should be to educate people about the True Trinity Functions that can exist in each and every Christian church in the world … and without denominational restrictions. It is NOT your job to convince people of the greatness of the Kingdom of GOD. Get out of the way once you have sent your message (i.e. books) … because that opens the door for the Holy Spirit to legitimately do His job.
  4. Influencers you see on Social Media … may be more interested in improving the world than you realize … so, give them a chance to find out what you already know.
  5. Government leaders … be careful to remain anonymous if you value your privacy … but this group consistently needs reminders of a higher power than they are.

Jesus has already done His part for redemption … but if we do not do our part now … we are going to find ourselves alone in a secular world without Jesus. None of us can do this alone.

Just imagine yourself standing in the courts of heaven (1 Corinthians 6:3) … and doomed eyes are glaring at you because you knew what was coming … and you did not let them know about salvation that could have saved them!

There are people who do not like signing up to any kind of list … and there are hundreds of valid, personal reasons for that position.

So …  to get God’s kingdom word out to the world,  and keep your privacy … just click on the link below to privately do your part for the Kingdom of Heaven without submitting you email address.

CLICK HERE:   Thank You

Keep the faith … and stay Rapture-Ready,

Mitchell Watrous, DD, Editor


PS: Can you actually get heavenly rewards for doing good? Absolutely! … See Revelation 22:12.