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Do not join any church … you need to see this first!

Hi Heaven Seeker,

All trinitarian churches have it absolutely wrong … and many fake it!

It all began with the Tower of Babel (with Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz … as the first triune gods).

They introduced the first false triune gods to deceive humanity … and the deceit continues to this day!

My name is Randall … a theologian.  I no longer attend any church … but I used to.

If you do not belong to a Christian church yet … DO NOT join one until you know what their lie about GOD is. (Note: There absolutely is A GOD … and HE is easy to identify.)

I was baptized in three different churches. They all lied to me and said that I had to accept the Trinity Doctrine  God … on blind faith.

Almost no church teaches the truth about GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit … but they could easily make corrections in an instant … and their church memberships would soar!

God controls who finds Jesus … no fakers allowed! The Holy Spirit knows the deep things of God.

Simply get this book list … and find truth … before you make a big church mistake.

CLICK:   Soul Truth

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GOD the Father (Creator) ... Jesus Christ (Executor) ... Holy Spirit (Facilitator)


Find Peace in Truth,

R.B. Spell, DD

PS: I have now done my job …  Mark 16:15.

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