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Do not join any church … you need to see this first!


Hi Heaven Seeker,

All trinitarian churches have it absolutely wrong. It dates all the way back to the Tower of Babel (with Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz … as the first triune gods).

They introduced the first false triune gods to deceive humanity … and the deceit continues to this day!

My name is Randall (a theologian). I no longer attend any church … but I have credentials to run one.

If you are thinking about joining a Christian church … DO NOT DO IT!

First, find out how they lie about who GOD is. (Note: There absolutely is A GOD … and HE is easy to identify.)

I got baptized in three different churches. Lying to me, they all said I had to accept the triune Trinity God … on blind faith.

Almost no church teaches the truth about GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit … but they could easily make changes in an instant … and church membership would soar!

God controls who finds Jesus … no fakers allowed … with the Holy Spirit who knows the deep things of God.

Simply get this book list … and find the truth … before you make a big church mistake.

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Find Peace in Truth,

R.B. Spell, DD


PS: I have now done my job …  Mark 16:15.

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