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Do not join any church … you need to see this first!

Hi Comfy Christians,

My name is Randall (a theologian).

After being baptized three times in different churches … I wised up.

GOD sent Jesus Christ … and Jesus sent us … to deliver GOD’s message to the world.

Comfy Christians are NOT doing what they were told to do (Mark 16:15).

Here are some things Christians need to know:

  1. Will raptured Christians rule in the Millennium? NO
  2. Will Jesus Christ rule in the Millennium? NO
  3. Is there only one rapture? NO
  4. Do all trinitarian churches teach correct theology? NO
  5. Is the Trinity Doctrine God’s word. NO
  6. Can you fake it till you make it? NO
  7. Is Jesus Christ GOD. NO *

Christians need to get off the primrose path  (Matthew 7:13) … and find the truth of Jesus Christ.

Instead of raptured Christians teaching in the Millennium … it will be the 144,000 sealed, virgin, Jewish Evangelists … spreading a gospel far more powerful than the trinity doctrine.

Find the truth … before you make the big mistake of joining a comfy group that just does church as a business!

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GOD the Father (Creator) ... Jesus Christ (Executor) ... Holy Spirit (Facilitator)


R.B. Spell, DD


*PS: See 1 Corinthians 15:27; Matthew 28:18; John 20:17  … and then … understand.

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