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America will definitely be destroyed in Bible prophecy!

Dear Concerned Searcher,

America has definitely been identified in Bible prophecy as “Bablylon the Great” … because NO nation on Earth has ever been blessed with the powers and capabilities of America.

If you are a professor, preacher, missionary, confused Christian, non-Christian … or just doing church as a business … this is for you!

I will not reveal any church affiliation (nor my true name). But be advised … most brilliant theologians seem to be in the Catholic Church. If I know these things … they certainly do … because all of this information is clearly in the Bible.

However, the Church may not be allowed by the Pope to reveal this information just yet … but since America is in tremendous moral and economic decline … the time may be right. FYI … I am not Catholic.

Most protestants will probably mess around until the Catholic Church makes a move … because most Protestants know that the Catholic Church is the dominant Christian authority in the world.

Most Christians do NOT believe in any form of evolution … but Jesus Christ certainly did evolve in three different time periods … and it is a safe bet that the brilliant Catholic theologians also know this. Why? The facts are available right there in the Bible!

This deep understanding of Jesus Christ’s nature and functions completely removes the Triune God mystery. With the proper grasp on each of them … the Trinity Titans come into sharp focus in the Bible. What they do together is astounding … but their functions are easy to understand.

And whether anyone likes it or not …  JESUS was involved in three stages of evolution throughout celestial history (even while He existed as the Spirit-WORD and created the first heavens and earth!).

Jesus Christ Evolved

In spite of Hebrews 13:8 (which says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever), Jesus Christ has totally changed … both physically and functionally … but not theologically. But the doctrines of GOD the Father have never changed … no matter how they were presented.

But, do not get confused. THINGS DO change. The proof is simple. Spirit-Word Jesus no longer exists … and Incarnate Man-Jesus no longer exists (i.e., They have both moved on to the third level!)

We need to get Man-Jesus Christ down off the cross … and then walk with Him into our church futures and eternal destinies.

Otherwise, there could never be a new heavens and a new earth (Isaiah 65:17 and Colossians 1:16-17) … and Incarnate Man-Jesus Christ could never have existed to have redeemed us (Galatians 3:13).

One theologist has shown how and why Jesus Christ evolved. Most Christians have been conditioned to put their heads in the sand and accept everything on Blind Faith … but the correct proof is right there in the Bible.

The Catholic Church is going to leave others behind in the dust if the Pope decides to reveal this information … because people will quickly convert with these amazing revelations about Jesus Christ … which are already right there in the Bible!

The Trinity Titans do exist. But while their functions are totally different and separate … they are unified in purpose and direction for the kingdom of GOD the Father and HIS glory!

The changes in Jesus Christ began from His pre-world Spirit-Word existence … then to His modern, Incarnate Man-Jesus form on Earth … and finally to His current status as Resurrected-Jesus Christ our eternal Creator (i.e., and getting ready to receive us into the new heavens and new earth which He creates)!

Currently … Jesus Christ exists in His Resurrected-Glorified form …  and He is just waiting for us to arrive at His throne (Hebrews 13:14). No worries … we will have a guide to get us there!

Jesus Christ has evolved from Spirit-Word … to incarnate Man-Jesus … to Resurrected-Jesus. He is away preparing the New Jerusalem for us which will serve as the transitional ark (i.e., similar to Noah’s Ark) between the old and the new heavens and new earth.

Christians who understand a little bit of theology can also understand the functions of GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as individual deities.

People will know that they do not need to go church-hopping to find the truth. They can invite Resurrected-Jesus Christ into ALL the churches around the world!

The puzzling triune doctrine is usually mandatory as part of church dogma … and must be accepted on blind faith. Why? … In order to maintain membership and stay in a sick-puppy, commercial church.

Actually, the Trinity beings do exist as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Their totally separate functions and powers are easily understood in this new book … and they no longer have to be accepted on blind faith.

The Trinity explanation is duck-soup simple to understand in view of Jesus Christ’s functional transitions throughout Eternity … and in what He is doing right now!

A Christian theologist has disclosed the three-stage functions of Jesus Christ as:

(1) Word-creator, Spirit-Jesus … before the Earth was formed;
(2) Redeeming, Incarnate Man-Jesus on Earth … before His ascension into heaven;
(3) Resurrected-Jesus … creating and ruling in the future new heavens and new earth.

Technically, Spirit-Word Jesus did not become the Son of God until His second stage of existence began as Incarnate Man-Jesus on Earth.

This happened through the creation powers of GOD by the Holy Spirit (… and with two women who did not even know each other).

The celestial DNA trail of Incarnate Man-Jesus is fascinating … which you can see for yourself in this new book … and it is right there in the Bible!

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are revealed in ways that have never been explained before … and the blind faith paradox, triune enigma disappears with simple explanations. How? Because the three  transformation stages of Jesus Christ fill in all the gaps!

Get your copy of this informative new book today … and watch churches change and membership soar as people begin to understand who they are … where they are going … and what GOD really does.

Click on this link: Three-Stage Evolution of Jesus Christ  (or paste:

Note: This book was developed primarily for non-Christians on a precipice … and lost pretender Christians in a church going nowhere.

See you in New Jerusalem,

Randall B. Spell, DD

PS: EXTRA: America actually is in Biblical prophecy … and like all empires gone bad … it is going to be destroyed. Click the following link to get the free information: America In Bible Prophecy

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