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Dear Concerned Searcher,

America might be totally destroyed in Bible prophecy sooner than you think!

If you are a professor, preacher, missionary, confused Christian, non-Christian … or are just doing church as a business … this is probably for you!

I am a retired college professor. Although I am not Catholic … nor a member of any church …  the most brilliant theologians seem to come from the Catholic Church.

Most protestant churches will probably stumble around until the Pope makes a move … because most Protestants know that the Catholic Church is the dominant Christian authority in the world.

Most Christians do NOT believe in any form of evolution … but Jesus Christ certainly did evolve in three different time periods … and it is a safe bet that the brilliant Catholic theologians also know this.

Why? The facts are available right there in the Bible for all to see!

And whether anyone accepts it or not …  JESUS has involved in three stages of evolution throughout celestial history (i.e., beginning as the Spirit-WORD who created the first heavens and earth!).

Jesus Christ Evolved
Jesus Christ Evolved

In spite of Hebrews 13:8 (saying that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever), Jesus Christ has totally changed … both physically and functionally … but not theologically. Why? The doctrines of GOD the Father have never changed … no matter how they were presented.

But, do not get confused. THINGS DO change. The proof is simple. Spirit-Word Jesus no longer exists … and Incarnate Man-Jesus no longer exists. They have both moved on into the Glorified Jesus Christ third stage!)

Also, the Trinity beings do exist as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Their totally separate functions and powers are easily understood in this new book … and they no longer have to be accepted on blind faith.

A Christian theologist has disclosed the progressive three-stage functions of Jesus Christ as:

(1) Word-creator, Spirit-Jesus … who actually created everything in heaven and Earth;
(2) Redeeming, Incarnate Man-Jesus on Earth … before His ascension into heaven;
(3) Resurrected-Jesus … creating and ruling the future new heavens and new earth.

Technically, Spirit-Word Jesus did not become the Son of God until His second stage of existence began as Incarnate Man-Jesus on Earth … followed by His resurrected third stage ascension as Glorified Jesus.

Get your copy of this informative new book today … and watch churches change and membership soar as people begin to understand who they are … where they are going … and what GOD really does.

Click on this link: Three-Stage Evolution of Jesus Christ  (or paste:

Note: This book was developed primarily for non-Christians on their way to hell … and for lost pretender Christian lemmings … in churches right behind them.

See you in New Jerusalem,

Randall B. Spell, DD

PS: EXTRA: America actually is in Biblical prophecy … and like all empires gone bad … America is ripe and ready for destruction. Click the following link to get the free information: America In Bible Prophecy

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