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Christians are not required to steal members from other churches because they think they are the only ones with right stuff … but they are required by Mark 16:15 to find the two-thirds of people in the world who do NOT believe in GOD.

Jesus Christ historically evolved in three different stages throughout eternity … and in three different time periods across the eons. If you do not understand the evolution of Jesus Christ … you will never understand the Trinity.


Jesus Christ Evolved
Evolution of Jesus Christ

Get Jesus down off that cross … or else your mind will be forever stuck there … and going nowhere.

Most people still have Jesus Christ hanging on a cross in their church sanctuaries … and in their minds … and many have Crucifixes hanging all over their homes.

Christians seem out of touch. Jesus left the cross 2000 years ago … and most people still do not know where He is right now … but we know.

A Christian theologist has revealed the three-stage evolution process of Jesus Christ that ties the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit together in ways that have never been explained before.

The blind faith trinity mythology is the sneakiest … and most destructive … dogma to ever enter and bind Chistianity.

We can follow Jesus in the Bible as He progresses from Spirit-Jesus … to Man-Jesus … to Resurrected Jesus Christ.

Humans evolve through a similar process in order to qualify as joint-heirs with Resurrected-Jesus Christ in the new heavens and new earth.

Jesus Christ became the Son of GOD through conception of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit.

Humans qualify as children of GOD through Adam and Eve … and joint-heirs of GOD with Jesus Christ if they accept HIS invitation.

A theologist reveals all of this in street-level language that everyone can understand … and fellowship in all chuches can begin.

Get your copy of this revealing book today … and watch church memberships soar … as people discover who they are and where they are going. Note: The evolution of Jesus Christ was a planned process … just as yours is planned.

Click on this link: Three-Stage Evolution of Jesus Christ  (or paste:

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Randall B. Spell, DD

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