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Why were the powers of Resurrected-Jesus recommissioned? Simple, because His duties to GOD changed.

Jesus Christ Resurrected
Glorified Jesus Christ

We are not required to change churches nor steal member from other churches … but we are required by Mark 16:15 to find people in the two-thirds of the world who do NOT believe in GOD.

People do NOT know how … but we can follow Jesus Christ’s evolutionary development in the Bible from Spirit-being … to Human-being … and finally to where He is now:  Resurrected Celestial-being.

A Christian theologist has revealed the three-stage evolution process of Jesus Christ that ties the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit together in ways that have never been explained before now. Blind faith triune anguish can be replaced with wide-awake understanding!

Most people do not know this, but Resurrected-Jesus Christ had to be re-commissioned by GOD … as a new being … after His resurrection. There is a confirming verse that almost no one ever hears about … but is absolutely necessary for Jesus’ authority and power!

After our resurrection, we go through a similar confirmation process at the Throne of Resurrected-Jesus Christ.

Why? To become joint-heirs with Resurrected-Jesus Christ. That is where we receive our eternal life and powers in the new heavens and new Earth … from GOD … through our Resurrected-Jesus Christ.

This process is easy to understand. A theologist brings it down from the clouds of confusion and reveals it in simple street-level language that everyone can understand.

Get your copy of this great new book today … and watch church membership soar as people begin to understand who they are and who the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are. Note: The evolution of Jesus Christ was a planned process … just as yours is planned.

Click on this link: Three-Stage Evolution of Jesus Christ  (or paste:

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Randall B. Spell, DD

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