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Do Christian preachers, teachers, and missionaries sound like nut-cakes! They scare more people away from GOD than a fox in a hen-house.

Jesus Christ Resurrected
Glorified Jesus Christ

Are you a religion teacher … a minister in a church … or a missionary? And do you feel like a puffed-up bigshot!

Have you ever told your listeners that they must accept the triune doctrine on blind faith … because it is a mystery that no one can explain?

Then … did you justify your position by telling people that accepting this belief on blind faith was a testimony to their belief and devotion to GOD?

Did you know that you might be a bigger dunce than Adam … who stood right beside Eve and let her get tricked by Satan … without opening your mouth once when you already know better!

OK … that might be not fair to you … because you probably had to swallow that blind faith pitch also. I wrestled with it for years but could never accept it … until I found out that it can be explained!

A Christian theologist has revealed the three-stage functions in which Jesus Christ existed: as Creator-Word Spirit-Jesus before the Earth was formed … as redeeming Man-Jesus on Earth  … as Resurrected-Jesus creating and ruling in the new heavens and new earth with us.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are revealed together in ways that have never been explained before … and the blind faith triune paradox disappears … as you positively identify the functions of the Trinity deity.

Get your copy of this great new book today … and watch church membership soar as people begin to understand who they are and who GOD is … without the confusion of a triune god mythology.

Click on this link: Three-Stage Evolution of Jesus Christ  (or paste:

Best of eternity,

Randall B. Spell, DD

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