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The Evolution of Jesus Christ was from Word-Spirit … to Man-Jesus … to Creator-Judge! The proof is simple … Spirit Jesus no longer exists. Man-Jesus no longer exists … but He now exists as the Resurrected-Glorified Jesus Christ who sits on His own judgment throne (i.e., right next to GOD).

Jesus Christ Evolved
Jesus Christ Evolved

The world is educated and sophisticated enough to demand the evolution truth of Spirit-Jesus … without the irresponsible hocus-pocus of blind faith trickery for congregation control.

Jesus Christ has evolved from Spirit-Jesus to Man-Jesus to Resurrected-Jesus. Now, He is away preparing the New Jerusalem to serve as the transitional ark between the old and the new (i.e., new heavens and new earth).

Christians who understand this simple theology also understand the functions of GOD, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit as individual deities. They know that they do not need to go church-hopping to find the truth … without blind faith … and to stop treating them as lemming morons.

The puzzling triune doctrine is usually mandatory as part of church dogma … and must be accepted on blind faith … in order to maintain membership and control church thought.

Actually, the Trinity does exist as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Their totally separate functions and powers are easily understood in a new book … and they no longer have to be accepted on blind faith. The Trinity explanation is duck-soup simple.

A Christian theologist has disclosed the three-stage functions of Jesus Christ as:

(1) Word-creator, Spirit-Jesus existed before the Earth was formed;
(2) Man-Jesus was sent to Earth to teach God’s gospel and to redeem humankind;
(3) Resurrected-Jesus will judge for rewards, and create the new heavens and new earth.

Technically, Spirit-Jesus did not become the Son of God until His second stage of existence began as Man-Jesus … through the creation powers of GOD by the Holy Spirit (… and through two women who did not even know each other). The celestial DNA trail of Man-Jesus is fascinating … see for yourself … the science is right there in the Bible!

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are revealed in ways that have never been explained before … and the blind faith paradox, triune enigma disappears with simple explanations.

Get your copy of this great new book today … and watch church membership soar as people begin to understand who they are … and who GOD is.

Click on this link: Three-Stage Evolution of Jesus Christ  (or paste:

See you in New Jerusalem (i.e., where we will all begin again),

Randall B. Spell, DD

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