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Many people suffer various levels of emotional trauma … caused by an inability to resolve theology conflicts associated with the god-paradox … introduced in the Trinity Doctrine.

First … we cannot blame the Catholic Church for inventing the Triune God ideology.

Historical writings, carvings, statues, Egyptian gods practices … and other data … generally point to Semiramis of the Towel of Babel era.

She has been credited  … along with her son Tammuz and dead husband Nimrod … as the chief architect of the Triuine God ideology.

The Egyptians … and many others … have found that this mystical ideology is fantastic for confusion and deception that allows almost mystical control over the entangled gullible.

If you are one of those wrestling with the Trinity Doctrine enigma … you can stop the madness today … and help yourself find the peace and understanding that you never knew before.

Also, you really can greatly increase your church membership with information that shows Christianity was not developed by a bunch of cloistered lunatics in some dusty, ancient bell tower.

A suggested remedy against religious mind-control … with the Triune-God theology … is found in this wonderful book: More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine

However, not everyone is troubled … but many are. Here is a partial list of potential problems …  associated with the Trinity Doctrine … that affect some people more than others. (Table 1):

 Table 1 (below):

For Some, The Trinity Doctrine quickly: For Some, The Trinity Doctrine quickly: 
1.       abandons GOD! 52.  destroys revivals.
2.      abandons reality! 53.  devalues self.
3.      abandons reason. 54.  drives people away.
4.      arouses doubt! 55.  empties churches.
5.      asserts mind control! 56.  enhances despair!
6.      asserts tri-god delusion. 57.   enhances disbelief!
7.      becomes godless! 58.  ensures god delusion.
8.      becomes mentally flawed. 59.  hides motives.
9.      becomes powerless. 60.  instills shame.
10.   blinds weak minds! 61.   invents a god chimera.
11.    blurs reality. 62.  loses authority.
12.   boosts mental illness! 63.  loses credibility.
13.   breeds internal conflict! 64.  loses integrity.
14.   brings stomach ulcers. 65.  makes no sense.
15.   causes deep distress. 66.  makes people sick.
16.   causes faith problems. 67.  needs a paradox fix.
17.   causes guilt. 68.  needs a real god!
18.   causes loss of religion. 69.  needs a reality concept!
19.   causes member losses. 70.  needs conflict to exist.
20.  causes mental decline! 71.   needs gullible devotees.
21.   causes mental illness. 72.  needs identity proof!
22.  causes mental madness. 73.  needs one true god!
23.  causes rational conflict. 74.  needs one truth!
24.  causes religion revolt. 75.   needs people to believe it!
25.  causes remorse. 76.  needs to remove paradox.
26.  causes sacred doubts! 77.   obscures deities.
27.  clouds judgment. 78.  obscures thought.
28.  conceals agenda. 79.  offers a multi-god fantasy.
29.  conceals its identity. 80.  offers no proof of god.
30.  confuses god identity! 81.   produces self-doubt.
31.   confuses reason. 82.  promotes distrust.
32.  creates a god paradox. 83.  promotes false religion.
33.  creates church anarchy! 84.  promotes god distrust.
34.  creates false illusion. 85.  promotes mental chaos!
35.  creates multiple gods. 86.  promotes mental madness.
36.  damages church image. 87.  promotes mistrust.
37.  defies rapid logic. 88.  proves no god exists.
38.  defies truths. 89.  provides no guidance.
39.  defies wisdom of thought! 90.  reduces revival efforts.
40.  demands blind faith. 91.   removes insight.
41.   demands fast approval. 92.  removes self-worth.
42.  demands obedience. 93.  requires blind faith.
43.  demands pledge. 94.  requires obedience.
44.  demands total accord. 95.  reveals god problems.
45.  demotes persona. 96.  shows absurdity!
46.  demotes persons. 97.  shows godless chaos.
47.  denies logical analysis. 98.  shows no authority.
48.  denies self-worth. 99.  shows vague gods.
49.  destroys analysis. 100.  weakens self-worth.
50.  destroys belief. 101.   weakens wisdom.
51.   destroys god theology! 102.   wounds the spirit.

Many people want to blame the Catholic Church for everything … and point to the Catholic Mass as a point of idolotry.

Actually, those who study the life of Jesus Christ … and then study the Catholic Mass … find that the Mass is one of the most beautiful celebrations of Jesus Christ in all of Christendom.

Jesus Christ NEVER claimed to be GOD … but GOD gave Jesus Christ so much power it seems irrelevant in view of His position and power in the Kingdom of GOD (1 Corinthians 15:27).

Some people are not troubled by the Trinity Doctrine at all. (See Romans 14:22.)

That is just fine … and no one should interfere with their faith. Leave them to the Holy Spirit … He knows their hearts … and we don’t .

However, there are a great many people who struggle to find peace with GOD all their lives … but unresolved conflicts of belief  prevent them from finding peace within their religion.

Sadly, many families are torn apart by conflicts in theology.

Why? … because they are constantly fighting about things caused by their religious misunderstandings. This powerful new information can make a world of difference in their lives: More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine

Church recruitments are dwindling. Many people are becoming disillusioned by the blind faith requirements to deny the real truths and functions of GOD the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

Some people develop irreconcilable mental illnesses, or go mad because they cannot reconcile the apparent god-paradoxes caused by the various assumptions produced by the extremely clever Trinity Doctrine interpretations.

Many people simply flee the mental madness by leaving their churches … and others promptly reject any revival attempts as dessert for Christian lunatics … while considering such an absurd ideology as a pathway to insanity.

Others go merrily on their way … and just accept the notion that they do not have to understand the mystery of the Trinity Doctrine. [i.e., Mystery … meaning that there are conflicts with the Biblical records which remain absurdly inconsistent with the words of GOD, Jesus Christ, and the prophets.]

Basically, clever people have gone to a lot of trouble to promote a self-serving doctrine that is NEITHER supported by nor produced by the Bible … but it serves millions of clergy far more than billions of its followers. Why is that?

Why do people  distrust the Catholic Church so much? But they quickly and quietly adopt the Trinity Doctrine … which was adopted by the Catholic Church?

The answer is simple: It serves the clergy far more than their congregations! Unfortunately, there are some  who simply do religion” as a job … but do not really believe in GOD at all.

The Trinity Doctrine keeps many people confused … and confused people are easier to subdue and control.

A fantastic remedy against “flock-control”  is found in this wonderful book: More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine

Get it today … and find peace and understanding that you never knew existed … and start recruiting converts to your churches (i.e., it really is your job … as explained in Mark 16:15).

People certainly can find out who GOD the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit really are … what they actually do … and how they majestically function to promote the Kingdom of GOD through Christianity. Note: They do not have the power to do this without you … find out why later).

FYI: GOD sent Jesus to tell you … and Jesus is sending you to open your mouth (Romans 10:17) to the rest of the world!

You don’t have to do much … even if you only help to lead one other person to the kingdom of heaven … it causes a huge ripple throughout the universe (Luke 15:10).

The Kingdom of GOD absolutely cannot grow without you … and that is a fact which most Christians are totally blind to … and, your pastors cannot do it all for you!

Works something like this: When you get someone interested in salvation … the Holy Spirit takes over. At just the right time, the Holy Spirit delivers the person to GOD the Father. When GOD the Father is satisfied, HE delivers the person into Jesus’ hands.

Please, read John 17: 1-26 for a deeper understanding of Jesus’ functions.   As for those “other” people …  Jesus never knows them (Matthew 7:23) … and has no authority over them.

It is true that no one comes to the Father [in prayer] except through Jesus … but it is also true that no one first comes to Jesus except through GOD the Father [by introduction of the Holy Spirit to the Father].

It’s not complicated … and you will soon be on your way to a greater understanding of the functions of the kingdom of heaven. You will find yourself with new revelations that can calm a troubled soul.

Grow your churches today … and help yourself … and Stay Rapture-Ready!

GET THE GREATEST INFORMATION TODAY:  More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine

And you will be totally amazed at how smart and happy you can become … because you will need it in order to survive the secular onslaught that is prophesied to come.

Christians need to stay in their own churches … but we all need to become like-minded in our knowledge of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Note: We do not need a one-world church … we need consistent, agreeable Christian-thought among all of our Christian churches worldwide!

Unfortunately, over 40 thousand denominational Christian divisions spin the Trinity Doctrine to bolster their particular brand of theology … and then crow about how much better they are than the others … to bolster church membership, of course! (But … that is NOT working out so well!)

Divided people are easy to separate, conquer, use, or destroy. Christians are totally divided … and their claim to recognize the same Trinity Doctrine obviously does NOT unify them in thought and purpose. [Their interpretations differ greatly.]

The book …  More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine  … does not offer wiggle-room for churches to run off and turn the doctrine into a bag of pretzels with various dimensions to suit their own tastes, practices, and creeds.

For now … everyone can remain where they are … as Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, etc., etc. … and this powerful new information does allow them to be who they are with like-minded fellowship.

The point is that we can all be like-minded with a live-and-let-live mindset … but within our own churches.

We can become very difficult … to be divided and conquered … by a secular world that hates all of us with a blue-blinding-blazing passion of hatred. Note: Jesus never said anything about giving up and floating up to heaven.

NOTE: Get used to it … because in the Kingdom of God in eternity … there will NOT be a bunch of denominations which serve GOD according to their own purposes.


Stay Rapture-Ready!

Rev. Randall Braxton Spell, Jr., DD


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