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The chances are small that many people will even hear about heaven, the rapture, eternal life, or much of anything else about the Kindgom of GOD … because hardly anyone understands the Trinity Doctrine … and the majority of  people in the world think that Christianity is comprised of  “blind faith” idiots.

There is one paradoxical doctrine in the world that controls and confuses the minds of most people … and that is why only one-third of the world believes in the concept of a Creator-GOD … but someone has removed the paradoxes that confuse people.

The author is a theoretical-scientist-theologian who wants to remain anomymous in order to protect churches against attacks by religious fanatics … but he reveals that there is something real that can be understood far above the Trinity Doctrine.

In case some readers just want to see what’s going on without too much reading … just go ahead and click this link to take a quick look at this dynamic, world-wide religion-changing information: More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine

Why have Christians and Theologians been grinding their teeth and banging their heads against walls for centuries?

Why? No one seems to be able to logically and realistically explain the Trinity Doctrine ideology until now … because it was not written for understanding … it was written for people-control by religion.

GOD is NOT the all-powerful diety that must be accepted on blind faith. No one should accept anything on blind faith … otherwise … there is no proof that anyone believes in anything.

Those who accept religion on blind faith might just become blind fools who do not have anything to believe in.

The author has great respect for people who struggle to figure out how to revere and respect the Trinity Doctrine.

First of all, the Trinity Doctrine is nothing more than a paradox which is wrapped up in an enigma to bind the minds of people.

It was built on the notion that GOD cannot be understood or approached … and to support that proposition … theologians built a conflicting enigma that requires blind confusion to accept an elusive proximity-God (i.e., He is in there somewhere).

The author has revealed simple Biblical evidence that unravels the dysfunctional ideology of the Trinity Doctrine:

  1. First of all … the three dieties mentioned in the Trinity Doctrine are absolutely real, distinct, and identifiable.
  2. Second, all three of them have distinct powers and responsibilities … but one of them is greater than the other two.
  3. Third, all three of them depend upon each other for the Kingdom of GOD to exist … and to function.
  4. Fourth, the individual, coordinated functions of these three dieties are what makes human salvation possible.
  5. Fifth, the individual functions of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are easy to understand and to follow.
  6. Sixth, the exact powers and authority of Jesus Christ are explicitly identified … but not shared in the Trinity.
  7. Seventh, the ultimate power and authority of GOD the Father is identified … but not shared in the Trinity.
  8. Eighth, the Trinity Doctrine will NOT have a place in the Millennial Period (i.e., after the raptured Church).
  9. Ninth, find out why Jesus Christ will probably be in the New Jerusaslem … and not ruling on the Millennial Earth.


ALERT #1 … !

The Rapture will occur soon … and the Millennium Period will come immediately after the Tribulation Period and the Battle of Armageddon.

People must understand biblical prophecy in order to find out why Jesus Christ will probably be entertaing His raptured saints in the New Jerusalem rather than on the Millennial Earth for 1000 years.

Find out why the second greatest rapture in history will occur silently at the end of the Millennium … a thousand years after the great Tribulation rapture!


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To get the most powerful book ever written about ideology greater than the Trinity Doctrine

*In 1 John 5:7 ... the phrase "and these three are one"  was NOT in the original manuscripts ... 
this is why many have such great confusion because of this editiorial (lie) insertion.
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