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NOTE: In case you missed some of them … here are all 8 religious books that may be very helpful for your journey through life.

And, as much as we all want to go to heaven … we would like to enjoy as much of this life on Earth as possible right now.

An additional book that shows you how to stay well more of the time is presented at the end of this list (written by a college professor with more than 40 years practicing in the healthcare professions).

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Trinity Doctrine Truth

Trinity Doctrine Revelations

Book 1. More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine: RECOMMENDED FIRST READ

  1. More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine … eBook Edition  (   $7.99
  2. More Powerful Than The Trinity Doctrine … Print-Book Edition  $14.99

Quick Overview:

Christianity has been baffled and controlled by the for almost two centuries … but now there is a revelation with crystal-clear meaning that is more powerful for salvation than the Trinity Doctrine. With their absolute but separate powers clearly identified … GOD the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit come to life and sharply into focus … while the confusing disappears. Christian churches can finally worship the true GOD … and churches can begin their world-wide evangelism with truth, power, and understanding. Get this book today if you want to have peace with true meaning and understanding of the powers of heaven … with the TRUE TRINITY FUNCTIONS in all of God’s Kingdom.


Millennium Age
Book 2. REAL End-Time Revelations (… For Two End-Times … and Two Big Raptures!!!):

  1. The Millennium After Armageddon : Jesus Christ … His Biblical DNA Revealed … eBook Edition (            $7.77
  2. The Millennium After Armageddon : Jesus Christ … His Biblical DNA Revealed … Print-Book Edition (            $29.95

Quick Overview:

Probably the best book about true Christianity printed in the last 550 years. An excellent book for mastering one’s own Christian beliefs. It surpasses all Christian denominational dogmas to reach out to the non-believer … because it does not recognize any authority except that granted to Jesus Christ by GOD the Father. No church saves anyone. Only those transferred from the hands of GOD the Father … into the hands of Jesus Christ … will receive immortality and eternal rewards. And, who is Jesus Christ … really? His true DNA is written in front of everyone’s eyes … right there in the Bible … you just have to know how to put it together.


Garden of Eden
Book 3. Were 200,000 Children Also Born First In The Garden of Eden?

  1. Garden of Eden – Mystery Children of Day 7: The Foundations for Humanity … eBook Edition (      $4.99
  2. Garden of Eden – Mystery Children of Day 7: The Foundations for Humanity … Print-Book Edition ( )            $7.95

Quick Overview:

Genesis is probably one of the most troublesome books in all of Judeo-Christian theology. Cain and Abel were the first two recorded births after Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden. It is obvious that GOD’s days are different from man’s days. Plus, with those two hot bodies … Adam and Eve were probably NOT resting on GOD’s “7th-day of rest” … but were actively engaged in complying with GOD’s “multiplying” command. GOD’s rest day could have been thousands of years … during which time Adam and Even could have had thousands of children. [A belief in 6-literal days of Creations is NOT a “drop-dead … do-or-die” command of GOD.]


144K Jewish Virgins
144 Thousand Jews
Book 4. What The 144 Thousand Sealed Jewish Virgins Will Really Be Doing!

  1. 144,000 Jewish Virgins of The Apocalypse: The Penultimate Prophecy Before The End of Man … eBook Edition  (         $4.95
  2. 144,000 Jewish Virgins of The Apocalypse: The Penultimate Prophecy Before The End of Man … Print Book Edition ( $9.99

Quick Overview:

Why are theologians and Christian pastors so quick to slam the door shut on mankind after the “tribulation” period? Oh, I see … they are going to hand it all over to Jesus Christ to rule for a 1000-year “Millennial Reign” with peace and harmony. More than likely, that is not going to happen at all … because it will probably be the 144 thousand sealed, Jewish virgins who take over … but doing what? This book takes over where others have dropped the theological-ball … without describing events in the grandest period of mankind. And one that Jesus Christ will probably NOT be ruling over. Why? Because prophecy has doomed the Millennium Age to a dismal failure, ending in a death toll far greater than in Noah’s flood. Then … begins the New Heavens and a New Earth ….


Judas Iscariot
Judas Traitor?
Book 5. Did Judas Iscariot “Out-Sin” The Forgiving Power of GOD The Father?

  1. God Forgave Judas Iscariot – But How? Why? … eBook Edition          $2.99
  2. God Forgave Judas Iscariot – But How? Why? … Print Book Edition              $9.95

Quick Overview:

Is Judas actually the traitor that people think he is?  Did the High Priests … and Jesus Christ … actually use Judas Iscariot for their own ends?  Does GOD treat all sinners the same? Is it possible to out-sin the forgiving power of GOD the Father?


Heaven Journey
Do It In Heaven
Book 6. Stillborn Babies Will Be In Heaven … And They Will Grow Up There!

  1. What Can I Do In Heaven? … eBook Edition   $2.99
  2. What Can I Do In Heaven? … Print Book Edition $11.95

Quick Overview:

At what point does a person actually receive a spirit? What qualifies a person to be a human being and receive their own spirit? Will there be trans-humans in heaven? What will be the pinnacle of a person’s development in heaven? Will anyone be stuck with being fat, ugly, repulsive, crippled, or any other negative trait once admitted into heaven? Will I be happy … or is this just another change places and still be as miserable as ever? Answers to those … and many other questions … are cheerfully presented in the book.


Angel Prayers
Prayers to Angels
Book 7. Should You … or Should You NOT … Pray to Angels!

  1. Prayers to Angels … eBook Edition                       $2.99
  2. Prayers to Angels … Print Book Edition                  $9.95

Quick Overview:

It is obvious that humans can speak with angels … when an angel reveals himself … but is it acceptable for people to pray to angels or to ask them to do things for them? Is it proper and acceptable to worship angels? Jesus Christ’s very own angel gave very precise answers to both of those questions. You will realize just how powerful angels are … when you realize … that Jesus Christ did not appear to John in Revelation. Jesus Christ sent his own angel to deliver the “Revelation” message of GOD the Father to John.


Trinity Doctrine
Jesus Christ Messiah
Book 8. Who Really Has The Title of GOD … and Does It Matter?

  1. Easter Surprise!!! … Jesus Christ Is NOT God: But … He Is So Much More!  eBook Edition             $3.49
  2. Easter Surprise!!! … Jesus Christ Is NOT God: But … He Is So Much More!  Print Book edition            $9.89

Quick Overview:

If people read the Judeo-Christian Bible … they know that Jesus Christ precisely answers his relationship to GOD the Father … on more than one occasion. But … who are Christians supposed to worship? That question is answered in more ways than one in the Bible … and in this book.  Thisbook in thoroughly answers that and many more questions. See also: The Millennium After Armageddon




Viral Diseases
Avoid ALL Contagious Diseases
Book 9. How Do We Defend Ourselves From One Pandemic Disease After Another?

  1. Secrets To Preventing Virtually Any Contagious Illness or Disease … Anywhere  eBook Edition     $5.95
  2. Secrets To Preventing Virtually Any Contagious Illness or Disease … Anywhere   Print Book Edition*    $19.95

*Note: Hardcover has a different cover image … but the content is the same in both books.

Quick Overview:

Are Pandemic Diseases The New Toy For Governments’ World Control And Depopulation! Maybe so … but there is plenty people can do to protect themselves … once they find out how easily they can do it!​… Although, we are exposed to information about washing our hands, wearing facial masks, and getting vaccines … This book provides much more information about avoiding diseases and staying well most of the time.