Trinity Turmoil

Dear Christian,

Get answers that people really want right now … especially how or why … from a non-denominational, retired professor and theologian:

  1. The Trinity Doctrine is confusing … can anyone really explain it? YES
  2. What is the truth about the Millennium? Is there really a second great rapture before the end of time? YES
  3. Did Adam and Eve have children before they were banished from the Garden of Eden? YES
  4. Will the 144 thousand sealed, Jewish virgins actually teach the gospel message during the Millennium? YES
  5. Did God forgive the traitor Judas Iscariot for betraying Jesus Christ? YES
  6. Will aborted babies … even one-second after conception … grow up in heaven? YES
  7. Should anyone ever pray to angels? NO
  8. Does it really matter who has the title of God? YES
  9. Is it possible to defend ourselves against pandemic diseases … even Covid? YES
  10. Is there anything that really can go faster than the speed of light? YES

Go to this link and get the answers:   Faith to Belief

Stay Rapture Ready,

Rev. RB Spell, DD

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