BLOG 3 – Why Are We Here

 BLOG 3 :  Why Are We Here … Where Are We Going?

The answers to those two questions are really very simple to understand … so, let’s keep it simple with a few short explanations. If not satisfied, come back and get this advanced theology source: Jesus Evolution Explained

Why? Because some people tend to become overly pedantic, professorial, preachy, or self-important when explaining something that scientists and theologians want to complicate (i.e., with big-bangs, evolutionary kaleidoscopes, ET’s,  paradoxes, competing religious orthodoxies, authoritarian power [i.e., control the money]).

To simplify these two questions … I will reduce them to an approach generated by Christian religion and theology. I have already written a book about something that actually does go faster than the speed of light … but straying off into quantum mechanics and variable-induced-inertial gravitational syzygy, would just confuse most people. (Note: You can go get that book about light speed if that is what interests you.)

But, really, why are we here (on Earth)? The simplest answer I can find … is that GOD added us to HIS grand design because HE wanted creatures to love HIM with their own free will.

OK, I generally know how we get here … but there is still a bigger, better backstory that will help us to understand more about our place in the heavenly kingdom.

Let’s start with a verse that we need to have answered in order to have understanding … see Romans 8:17   …  and ponder the expansive meanings in that verse.

I’m afraid that this is where most people fall off the Turnip Truck (i.e., meaning that the people on it are naive, ignorant, or gullible … just like most people who do nothing more in church than sit in the pews and stare blindly into space).

I will issue this caution only once … but please let it sink in. Deceitful, self-serving pastors beware (Jeremiah 23:1) … no matter where you find my sheep (John 10:16).

That warning applies to the avalanche of Prosperity Preachers offering false hope through the purchase of miracles from churches (Luke 9:25) which may embellish them on earth … but do little or nothing to lay up treasures in heaven (Matthew 6:19-21).

How do Christians get all those treasures in heaven (which last forever)? To start with, let’s find out who Christians are … and what qualifies them to receive anything in heaven.

Before we do that … let’s find out just who the Resurrected-Glorified Jesus Christ is. First, loosen the tight binding you have on GOD … and let HIM unroll HIS authority into your mind. Here is a short, quick history:

  • First of all … GOD is a spirit (John 4:24).
  • The WORD is a spirit (John 1:1). [Note: Jesus Christ was NOT there then … but that is a common mistake to conflate Jesus Christ with the WORD in an attempt to justify the Trinity Doctrine … but that just causes more confusion.]
  • Jesus Christ is NOT a spirit. When He was conceived … He received the spirit of the WORD. (John 2:14). And technically, Jesus Christ then became the Son of GOD on Earth … and also became an heir of GOD. (Romans 8:17).

Now, let’s take a look at how closely we human beings are aligned with all three phases of the resurrected WORD-Jesus Christ:

  • First of all, human beings had a spirit waiting for their bodies before they were born … but we have no clue what we were doing before we were conceived into a human body nor what GOD had proposed for us to do (Jeremiah 1:5.) We do have a general idea what GOD originally had in mind for us from Genesis 1:28 … but that all changed.
  • Because of Adam’s and Eve’s disobedience … GOD later sent the spirit WORD to be incarnated as Jesus Christ at His conception … in order to redeem the human race with the GOD of heaven (John 3:16-17). By the sacrificial act of crucifixion, true human beings past, present, and future were provided a gateway to become joint-heirs with Resurrected WORD-Jesus Christ in the kingdom of heaven.
  • When we die, our spirit actually goes back to GOD (Ecclesiastes 12:7). Then, the actual process to become an active heir in the kingdom of heaven is officially granted by GOD the Father through the Resurrected WORD-Jesus Christ.  Jesus will bestow all rights and gifts of GOD’s heirs at His resurrection judgements (Revelation 22:12).

The second question is Where are we going? Now that we know a few more things, we have a few more clues … but the rest of the story is still a surprise waiting to be fulfilled! But, you can bet … we are NOT returning to the old earth!

Most religious leaders try to direct everyone’s attention to the Millennium period to be kings and priests. But that is only for 1000 years … and what a pitifully, teeny, dinky, heavenly reward that would be. Furthermore, GOD already has 144,000 administrators for that period … called the 144,000 virgin Jews (Revelation 7:4) who will teach the true kingdom of GOD message.

What a big letdown that notion is. The story is that Jesus returns to the earth to rule for 1000 years … and then Jesus (and His co-ruling, raptured saints) loses it all again when Satan is freed after 1000 years. But that appears to be an error in prophetic interpretation. Further, the raptured saints never return to this earth for anything.

It is more probable that the Resurrected Jesus and His saints will rule and reign for 1000 years from the New Jerusalem … while the 144,000 virgin Jews take care of evangelizing the earth during that period. That will start first in Israel … why?  Because the Bible was written first for the Jews … and then for the rest of the world.

What happens after the Millennium? There is a second silent rapture that Christians are not taught about (Luke 17:34-36) … but after that is where the final, big stuff begins (2 Peter 3:10).

While the heavens and earth are all being annihilated with fire … GOD’s redeemed will be safely zipping away in the New Jerusalem  … during which time the new heavens and new earth will be created by the Resurrected WORD-Glorified Jesus Christ (Revelation 21: 1-7).

Consider this: The first heavens and earth were created by the WORD (Colossians 1: 15-17) … who later became incarnated (i.e., born human) as Jesus Christ. Theologians with a deep enough background understand this connection automatically.

Caution: Jesus Christ did NOT exist before His birth in Bethlehem … BUT … His spirit the WORD did! When people can learn to make these connections, they will begin to understand the unique nature of Jesus Christ. Jesus certainly also understood this when He prayed to Father God in John 17:5. (Note: The WORD was present in the beginning … but Jesus Christ was NOT. However, it is abundantly clear that GOD the Father gave Jesus Christ a full revelation of His purpose and history.)

It should be obvious that our purpose will not only be to spend eternity worshipping and serving GOD … but we will be totally rewarded while doing it (1 Corinthians 2:9 and Psalm 26:11) … and doing it on the new Earth (Revelation 21:1-3).

My job is not to build a church … but to help you build your church … and expand the kingdom of GOD (Mark 16:15-16).

Once people understand the real theology of Jesus Christ … blind faith confusion disappears … and church building becomes much easier.