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Blind Faith

Subject:  Alert! Nut-cakes are conquering the world!

We must help each other! It is time for all 45 thousand+ Christian Denominations worldwide to unite … and focus their fighting on a common enemy … instead of on each other!

Evil is running all over this planet like a bunch of squealing, grinning monkeys … now it’s time to slow them down.

We can keep our church doctrines … but we all need to unite (in spirit and action) and stand firm for Jesus Christ against the godless peoples and nations coming to destroy us every day.

Almost 70% of the world’s population reject Christian theology because of a peek-a-boo, but paradoxical god hiding in a blind faith mystery.

Hint: 99% of Christians do NOT even know who Jesus Christ really is. Recently, a scientist-theologian has pulled the hidden, real Jesus Christ straight out of the Bible and exposed Him for what He really is!

The result … a resurrected WORD-Jesus Christ who is absolutely amazingly powerful beyond belief … because He has a special incarnated Spirit!

This great new, world-shaking revelation could increase many church congregations by 2-fold to 10-fold … because people can actually see and understand Christianity without blind faith!

Blind Faith
God’s Blind Faith?

We must Stand Together before it’s too late. The Church-age is quickly coming to an end. Educated Christians are very difficult to take down when they stand together … regardless of their denomination!

Stay in your own church … and … Get this now!  GOD’s Truth About Blind Faith for Dizzy Dummies 

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