Vain Christian Worship

Most Trinity Christians worship GOD in vain !

Hello Trinity Christians,

Sorry … for the bad news.  According to the Bible … most Trinity Christians worship GOD in vain! Why?  … because almost all Trinitarians worship with a false doctrine, according to Matthew 15:9!

There are over 45 thousand Christian denominations identified around the world … having different creeds and doctrines! Therefore, they cannot all be right … but they can all be fixed … without dismantling any of them!

Even though the term Trinity is not found in the Bible … most evangelical scholars agree (with each other) that the Trinity doctrine is clearly expressed within the scriptures … but that is absolutely not true (as will be shown). The Trinity doctrine is definitely a doctrine of men … not of GOD.

That’s right. Trinitarian doctrine is nothing more than clever Tertullian speculation designed to control people’s minds and their wealth since the 4th century. This non-unified, global Christian theology controls about one-third of the world’s population … who have been conditioned to accept all clergy theology without question (wow … and that is causing a religion desertion problem)!

On the other hand, there are at least nine Non-trinitarian faiths … but they are distinctly different from each other. They also have their own reasons for existence … but do not seem any better than the Trinitarians’ reasons for faith.

They can deny it all they want to … but it has been heard in numerous Trinity doctrine sermons (in churches and on TV) … wherein the clergy could not explain the Trinity doctrine. The Trinity solution usually heard … in almost every case … is that we will just have to accept the Trinity doctrine on Blind Faith (i.e., the clergy could not explain or justify it).

Blind Faith sounds like pure fantasy to most people. Actually, the three persons spoken of in the Trinity really do exist. Each one of them has a specific, interlocking function which is easy to explain and understand in order to describe the kingdom of GOD.

No matter how sincere a Christian may be to believe in the Trinity doctrine … the fact is that this blind faith doctrine is tragically destructive to maintaining or growing a church.

Ironically, providing the truth and getting rid of Blind Faith could immdeately church growth 2 to 10 times what it is now.

Letting people learn how to have access to the powers of GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is our greatest defense against a total secular takeover of our churches. This is our best defense to combat the allure of the satisfactions of greed, gluttony, and gonad hyperphilia which are sweeping the globe like wildfire!

As previously pointed out,  the purpose of blind faith seems to be to give clergy control over people’s minds and wealth. That is a totally wrong approach to faith and worship … but it will soon end (2 Thessalonians 2:2-4) … because people cannot thrive with constant self-doubt and emotional turmoil.

In fact … a great falling away is already occurring …  people are leaving churches in droves.

Unfortunately, this blind-faith-fantasy theology is what will soon bring the church age to an end.

Nevertheless, GOD is faithful to those who sincerely seek HIM because HE sees the heart (1 Samuel 16:7 and Romans 14:22) … but GOD has a message to those who mislead HIS people (Jeremiah 23:1).

Also, it is OK if we have 100 thousand more Christian denominations!  We just need to fix them and the ones we have! We love them! And, there is no need to get rid of nor disband them.

Consider what Jesus said in Mark 9:38-40. Jesus was not concerned about new groups … He simply wanted them to get it right. Resurrected-Jesus sent people … not churches … out into all the world (Mark 16:15-16). The point is that a pastor cannot do everything … the congregation has a responsibility, too!

Get this revolutionary insight provided by a theoretical-theologist-scientist who has also described the most powerful … faster than light quantum motion Real Thing in the universe … that keeps the whole universe vibrant and alive!

Here is where to get the information needed to clearly resolve the Trinity doctrine:

Blind Faith
God’s Blind Faith?


Click Here:  God’s Truth About Blind Faith for Dizzy Dummies  as a Digital Book  or  Print Book

Rev. R. B. Spell, DD

PS: If people think they know Jesus Christ … this information will probably blow their socks off. Most people do not even  realize that Resurrected Jesus Christ’s spirit is actually the incarnated WORD (John 1:14)! Therefore, the WORD is no longer a single entity in heaven!


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