Greatest Theology Update

Hello Fellow Christian & Seekers,

At last! There is a solution to the Blind Faith challenge that has caused Christians pain and misery for the last 20 centuries. Plus, discover the three stages of Jesus Christ’s existence!

Finally, people in all Christian churches can easily understand and gain access to the powers of GOD, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit … and without confusion!

Ironically, providing the truth … and removing Blind Faith confusion … could immediately improve church growth 2 to 10 times what it is now.  The world is going greed-gluttony-gonad  crazy … but this could stop it!

Also,  it is OK if we have 100 thousand more Christian denominations! We just need to inform them and the ones we already  have! We love them! And, there is no need to get rid of … nor disband them!

Here is where to get the information needed to clearly resolve Trinity doctrine issues:

Blind Faith
God’s Blind Faith?

Click Here To Get:  God’s Truth About Blind Faith for Dizzy Dummies  as a Digital Book  or  Print Book

Live in peace and certainty,

Rev. R. B. Spell, DD

PS: People will never be the same after learning this new update!

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