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Churches seem lost … and 101 tough questions baffle them!

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There are many questions that the secular world is asking … but Christian churches are curiously hiding out.

Why? Many of  the 43 thousand Christian denominations seem lost in blind faith babblings that keep them bound to questionable church doctrines and goals rather than enlightened Biblical doctrines.

Most Christians do not seem to have any idea that the current Resurrected Jesus Christ is the product of GOD’s universal, celestial evolution from beginning to end … and Jesus is long gone from the cross.

Both the WORD and Man-Jesus Christ no longer exist!  Christians seem totally lost and ignorant about the evolved Jesus Christ of the 21st Century. The Bible explains it all … but why churches are keeping it quiet?

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For example, here are just a couple of the referenced 101 questions:

1. Are humans born with an immortal soul? (Bible emphatically says ABSOLUTELY NOT) *
2. How did Jesus not receive any human DNA? (Ingenious pathway)

*This fact is clearly explained in the Bible … and correctly explaining this issue can quickly build congregations from a distrustful world suffering from previous religious errors and persecutions.

Note: The writer dove deeply into science and religion. For example, he revealed the quantum processes of faster than light speed that keep the universe vibrant… and is amazed that most Christians do not even read their own Bibles.


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