America In Prophecy

Proof … Whether city or nation: America (Babylon The Great) is definitely in Bible Prophecy.

Hello Fellow Americans,

If you are an educator, preacher, missionary, confused Christian, or non-Christian … this may be for you. But you should get busy … because it will all be over sooner than you think … and America will never recover!

First of all, the easy Christian trickery is to say that Rome is the “Mystery Babylon.”  Be very careful,  that is a ruse to let 40+ thousand other Christian denominations sneak into the Church Arena claiming they are God’s chosen few.

The most influential nation that has ever influenced more people numerically in history … than all othe nations combined throughout history … is America (i.e., because of its technology and outreach). No other nation has ever had the power, influence, and control over the world that America has had.

Most scientific estimates conclude that it took over 200,000 years to reach a human population of 1 billion (i.e., in the year 1800). Now, in about the last 80 years  … we have slightly over  8 billion in 2023.

Look around at the rapid decline of America! We all need to wake up. All of the world’s great empires have come and gone … and America is next. Our currency says, In GOD We Trustbut that is NOT true for most Americans any more!

Prophecy is a tough beast to tame. But by Biblical influence, America absolutely is in Bible Prophecy (as the metaphorical “Babylon the Great”) … but it will be destroyed in one prophetic hour (i.e., 60 minutes)! Note: Based on Revelation 17-18, America will most likely be destroyed by a natural event (i.e., super volcano, asteroid, solar flare, etc.) … rather than by nuclear weapons.

America is the greatest, most powerful nation that has ever existed … but its great evil surpasses any goodness left in it. Its motto could rightly be SIS (Sinking In Sin).

People just have to be clever enough to figure out where this is found in the Bible … and it is definitely there for all to see (Click the image below)!

Fire Angel
Fire Angel by digital-artist Brian Exton

This article is written by a retired professor with a pen name. Why? The author does not want any Christian denomination to get singled out for retaliation by America’s greedy giants. (Note: The author visits many churches but does not claim membership in any of them for their own protection.)

In spite of some so-called “Bible Scholars” … it is easy to find America in Bible prophecy. America commits almost every evil deed of mankind.

Unfortunately, America will be annihilated by fire in one hour. This is not a prediction (i.e., which could be zero percent). This is a prophecy … which is always 100% accurate!

America is the symbolic epitome of the evil that already covers the earth … and it definitely fits every definition and qualification of a wide-spread evil empire more powerful than any in history … influencing and affecting the whole world (i.e., sitting on “many waters” and even attempting to expand into outer space).

In case deductive reasoning is little difficult … consider how many times the name Jesus Christ appears in the Old Testament (i.e., Zero … but does that prove He did not exist?)? Are the words “asteroid or meteor” found anywhere in the Bible (i.e., No … but does that mean they do not exist?)?

America serves the gonad gods while producing 60% of the world’s immoral materials … many involving children … while generating more of that material than all the rest of the world’s other 192 nations combined!

While elected officials provide excuses and justifications for their crimes … unrestrained evil runs rampant throughout every level of American life and American cities … (all worse than in any ancient city actually named Babylon) .

While not possible in ancient history … America’s crimes and evils  can be electronically transmitted and delivered worldwide almost immediately to just about anyone!

The ideology that anyone can have anything they want (whether anyone else likes it or not) is almost the worst, rotten from of narcissistic oppression on Earth … disguised as “Constitutional Freedom.”

The worst … most enslaving form of governance … is that demanded by others who proclaim that someone else owes them something. That is the laziest, most evil form of coercion on the planet (often disguised as socialism or entitlement).

People should enlighten themselves with information involving the three stages … and three forms of evolution of Jesus Christ … as He existed throughout Eternal history:

Why? Because when understood … the three stages of existence of Jesus Christ (i.e., before, during, and after the Earth) … people will never be confused by blind faith Christian religion again.

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Rev. Dr. Randall B. Spell, DD

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