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The Millennium




After the Tribulation period and the Battle of Armageddon … comes the Millennium. After reconstruction and restoration of the devastated Earth … the Millennium will be the most a affluent and progressive society to ever live on Earth … which could only be rivaled by the Garden of Eden.

Why? How could this be?  There will be no sin to deceive the world because Satan will be bound for 1000 years … but Satan will be let loose for a short period thereafter.

This presentation is written to be only a beginning to the exploration of true Biblical theology. Others will write much more as truth opens their eyes.

The theology for this presentation is probably more applicable to the people of the next theological age … the post Tribulation period … and existing on throughout the 1000-year Millennium Age.

The doctrine of  the Trinitarian Age (i.e., those with the Trinity Doctrine) … will probably be rejected … but Jewish followers will learn the true nature and origin of Jesus Christ and his true relationship to GOD the Father during the Millennium.

In the beginning the WORD  was with GOD … and GOD created everything by expressing the power of the WORD … and nothing was created by GOD without using the power of HIS WORD (i.e., refer to John 1:11).

Pragmatic theologians know that Man-Jesus Christ is NOT the WORD … but is a begotten  created being, whose DNA source can be shown.

However, King-Messiah Jesus Christ now has complete autonomy in using the power of the WORD by the authority of GOD the Father (1 Corinthians 15:272and 59 expanded versions3 of 1 Corinthians 15:27).

Further proof that the WORD in John 1:1 is NOT Jesus Christ … but in actual, essential nature, is none other than GOD the Father himself as shown in Hebrews 4:124.

Nevertheless, GOD the Father also gave others the privilege and authority to use some power of HIS WORD (i.e., Moses in Numbers 20:84) … and this is not magic … it is pre-approved usage of WORD-power from GOD the Father.

The author did not forget about the lack of veracity exercised in commercial-Christian Religion(s) either, … but he hastens to add … that there is nothing wrong with the original Hebrew and Greek Bible sections.

The biggest problem with the Bible is that most people do not speak its original languages of Old Testament Hebrew or New Testament Attic Greek (and some Latin).

But … it is the diversity in interpretations of the Bible that dismay most people … something just seems wrong with what comes out of their mouths.

Many people are constantly concerned with gnawing doubts that they are missing some essential points of interpretation that they desperately need for understanding.

Most Christians do not seem to even know who their GOD really is. Even though, the Bible clearly identifies HIM … men try to hide him in a power-shared Trinity Doctrine.

And … many scientists spread “Relativity Sauce” all over every scientific thing when they cannot understand or explain something … but that does not fill the minds of intuitive thinkers.

Jesus Christ has been so inflated and conflated until no one can seem to really identify who he really is.  Just spread some Jesus Mayonnaise on it and say, “Jesus did it.”

Therefore, to be fair,  the author will show (i.e., in the Christian Bible) exactly who Jesus Christ really is … and how his DNA was actually made (and why) … and who the GOD of Christianity really is.

No one has to be a genius to understand these things … and an eighth-grader should be able to figure it out.

An over-arching view of the world is that people should learn as much as they can about the things that people use to  understand the world … and how to best control it.

That includes both the sciences and religions … because both of those ideological systems seek to control the past, present, and future realities of all humans.

People should not be afraid to seek understanding (and to challenge) the hypotheses of the sciences and the theologies of religions … but in those challenges … seek to find truth and wisdom that support their foundations.

And, the greatest freedom that people can learn … is that they have the right to change their mind in the presence of new discoveries and understanding.

Never bow to self-incriminating humility for doing the right thing … i.e., do not become an apologetic doormat … especially to allow an unacceptable ideology.

People should hold their heads high and move forward in the light of understanding … because the wrong thing to do is to continue forward in the wrongful preservation of errors.

The world needs more skillful, honest thinkers in the scientific and theological fields … to help move humanity forward on more successful and noble planes.

Here is a handy source to use for reviewing Bible verses in about 59 different Bible versions:  Biblegateway5 … and this can resource be extremely helpful for verses that seem a little confusing (i.e., by reviewing other Biblical interpretations).

Note1: The King James Version (i.e.,  KJV of the Bible) is used throughout this presentation. However, about 59 additional versions of a particular Bible verse can be reviewed for those puzzling Bible verses.

Note2: The eBook version of this book will contain active links to the references used. The URL references in the Print version of this book will have to be typed into an internet browser in order to open the references.

If someone looks up John 3:166 in Biblegateway, they can find about 59 additional readings of that verse by clicking on a link below it that says:  John 3:167 in all English translations.

Whether or not someone is trying to understand a science or religion question … it pays to do some individual reading and studying without someone else’s puzzling, self-serving tongue rattling in their ear.

Never be afraid to take advantage of newly found truth and revelation … even if it means amending your belief or the way you conduct your life.

Do not stare blindly into the bright sun … it will blind you.

Just remember the following practical truths:


  • Stare boldly into the light of truth …and darkness will not blind you.


  • Staring blindly into the darkness will not enlighten you … but the darkness will blind you.


Not only is it the unyielding force to drive humankind to chase the unfulfilling substances of life … it is also the incessant desire to find out why we are here.


In the absence of a god, some men will invent one.

In the absence of a god, some men will become one.

In the presence of a god, some men will subjugate him.

Badger Troy


This book is available on Amazon in both eBook and Print Book.  The eBook has all active digital links … but the links are not active in the Print Book.

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